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Friday, June 29, 2007

Note To Self...

Yesterday, my site reader said my visits went from my average high teens.. to almost eighty.

Now, I know it was Poetry Thursday, and I am a FABULOUS poet, but I have a feeling something else must have changed. Huh? Now what was it?????

(Thanks to Neil for the extra coverage..thought I must say I feel a bit dirty....)
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holy moly! that's quite a jump!

6/29/07, 9:31 AM  

Judging by that photo, I'd say you haven't gotten any extra coverage, if you know what I mean, as if what I just said isn't totally obvious in the Joey from Friends kind of way. Carry on.

6/29/07, 11:44 AM  

Loved catching up on your news - I got more than I bargained for!!! ;)
LOVE the bra - so Japanese-y somehow. As for what has gone into them, so to speak ... Well,as the duchess said to the bishop, I couldn't possibly comment.

6/29/07, 9:41 PM  

If you look more carefully at your stats, that was me coming to your site eighty times that day to look at the photo.

6/29/07, 11:36 PM  

Yeah...well. My girls would stop traffic, and I mean that. A total gridlock. Stats would drop (like the girls have dropped), and even the underwire of my FABULOUS poetry wouldn't bring them up....

6/30/07, 5:59 PM  

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