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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Padded Poetry

Edited to include:

Thanks to Neil for "letting me' win his little contest. For those who are here for the first time....Um...Nice to meet you. Any guesses, other than my keen powers of observation, to why I may have won this particular contest??? Just wondering.....

Feel free to stay awhile and look around

So, OK.. I have lost my mind. But this little number made me giddy this afternoon.

I spent the morning having a root canal...and the evening getting ready for a trip to the Bahamas with Michael.

Something about this bra made me feel young again. I needed that today..as my teeth continue to betray me. As for the picture of the bra...I blame the pain killers, plus I remember wearing less to the beach in the good ole days.


My mama
will say

Be careful
what I'm
asking for.
I may
just get it.

the hooks
I gaze in
the mirror
at lace ready
to reckless.

No doubt.
The time
for asking
is over.


Hope everyone has a nice Poetry Thursday. I'm going there now..Don't rush me..Keep your shirt on.....


posted by wendy at 1:03 AM


Somedays we do need to feel good. This is one way of achieving that.

6/28/07, 2:36 AM  

Did your mama tell you there'd be days like this -- there'd be days like this... did yer mama tell?

Sometimes we just need to let it all hang out -- go for it Wendy... ;)

Have a ball in the Bahamas!!

6/28/07, 2:43 AM  

oh wow Wendy, I absolutely loved this. lean and sparse and yet oh so delicious. I think your choice of 'ready to reckless' instead of 'ready to BE reckless' was the pivotal decision that really makes this poem work

6/28/07, 4:14 AM  

Wendy, a fun poem - and nice bra! Enjoy your trip to the Bahamas (I'd be feeling a little giddy too).

6/28/07, 4:56 AM  

Yummy little poem - and a sweet little bra, too! Hope you have a great vacation! I'm pretty giddy about the trip I'm leaving on tomorrow.

6/28/07, 6:17 AM  

Your poem and post took me back to younger days. I felt a little giidy, too.

Great backstory for your perfect poem and "illustration".

Fabulous bra, BTW. Have a great trip.

6/28/07, 7:33 AM  

Hee hee- there is so much to this little bit of poetry. Every line conjures up something for me...
Have a great vacation!

6/28/07, 7:49 AM  

I love the poem--I'm a fan of short lines, and they really work well here. I love that there's a balanced feel of levity and seriousness--or at least it feels that way to me.

6/28/07, 8:07 AM  

Underwires! I really HATE underwires, but I loved the poem, and the bra (except for the underwires).

Have a great trip!

6/28/07, 8:56 AM  

You go girl! Thanks for making me smile on an otherwise bleah day. Have a fun trip!

6/28/07, 10:15 AM  

Root canal...eek! Where can I buy that gorgeous work of art? Delightful! Enjoy your trip!

6/28/07, 10:21 AM  

Hi everyone,

Well I must say I woke up this morning...and was very shocked at what the percocet Wendy had been up to!!

The bra is by felina usa. They have a website.

As for the underwires, Joyce...when you have little, you push what you can twoards the heavens....ya know what I mean??

My sister sleeps in them every night, to protect her investment!

I have a horse show this weekend..and leave on Monday..

Thanks to all..for the SUPPORT. (she snorts with laughter!)


6/28/07, 11:34 AM  

woo-hoo! look at you...and that bra!...it deserves a blog all it's own...

and the poem...WOW!

6/28/07, 12:46 PM  

My goodness!

I agree entirely with Michelle.

And my favorite lines in the poem:

at lace ready
to reckless.

Wonderful with sound and sneaky in creating a verb out of reckless. It's so subversive.

6/28/07, 4:29 PM  

Why didn't I think of putting my boobies up on my blog? Eh, who am I kidding. Neil would have picked your rack over mine.

6/28/07, 5:09 PM  

Awesome photo! Beautiful bra! And your poem is terrific. I'm sorry about the root canal -- take care. And have a blast in the Bahamas.

6/28/07, 8:08 PM  

Yes, I believe that bra would make me feel reckless too. Hope the percocet did the job and you feel ever so much better today...well enough to enjoy a little recklessness.

Have a great trip - warm water, relaxation - yep, sounds good.

6/28/07, 9:56 PM  

Funny and wonderful. It's good to be reckless!

6/28/07, 9:58 PM  

What juxtaposition: root canal and boob/bra shot. I'm not sure how I feel about that pleasure/pain combo.

Well, nice bra, anyway...32 C?

6/28/07, 10:32 PM  

Just popping in here again..

to clarify..

This is not a BOOBIE shot. No boobies what ever!
Just bra..

and if you live in So Cal, you must see more cleavage than this..every second of every single day.

Thanks for stopping by.

6/28/07, 11:07 PM  

Have an awesome trip!

6/29/07, 9:21 AM  

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