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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh, I don't believe in THAT STUFF....for Sunday Scribblings

I suppose that energy born in the same moments, in same seasons, could carry the same imprints. Think of the universe, as a breathing being inhaling and exhaling with rhythmic force, leaving traceable makings on those that share the same breath of birth. The thought that the seasons could alter the pace of breath, the pace of creation. This is a romantic notion. Very attractive to me. Yet still very suspect.

So in saying this, I prove I am wholly the sign I was born under...LIBRA.
I am famous for arguing both sides of a point. I am driven to find balance, and justice. I am often exhausted by this pursuit.

We Librarians...are often pictures as serenely balanced. But this is not so with me. I am constantly adjusting the scales, taking here, to give more there. Like standing on a balancing ball, every once in a while you find the sweet spot...and bliss is yours..for a nano second. But then it's back to the work, or PRACTICE, of balance.

Others, may eventually get off the ball..realizing that it requires too much concentration and effort. True Libras are addicted to the quest for balance and live for moments of true ease.

I read many profiles of Libras this morning, and was really amazed to see how right on the mark they are for me...But in the spirit of fairness, I can see why the head could lead you away from such poppycock...

(You better go on to Sunday Scribblings...this internal balancing dialog, could go on for quite a while!)
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I like what you wrote about Libra folks -- it's right on for the ones I have known.

7/1/07, 10:36 AM  

A beautifully written post.

7/1/07, 12:08 PM  

Fellow Super-Libran, I fully understand your quest for balance and fairness! I agree with the 'serenely balanced' picture of Librans, but inside there's often a lot of scales bobbing back and forth.

7/1/07, 12:56 PM  

So, you're as two-faced as us, Gemini?

7/1/07, 1:26 PM  

I am Libra as well and can honestly say your post was much more eloquently written than my plain old factual one. Somedays I can get into the Scribblings topic more than others. I like your blog. Have a great week.

7/1/07, 3:48 PM  

Another Libra blogger here that found many truths in your post. :) My scales are in constant motion.

7/1/07, 5:25 PM  

If you believed all the time it wouldn't be fun. I like what you've done with this.

7/2/07, 9:50 PM  

A saucy librarain! ;) Now what a nice combination.

7/7/07, 8:43 AM  

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