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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Battle Royale

You have no idea the battle that has been raging in my brain these past two days. Part of me wanted to yank down the brazen pic of..well I could claim it isn't me...(I mean how would you know?). But this other part of me wants to let it stand.

Seems I haven't changed that much at all, in nearly thirty years. The battle between good girl and bad, still rumbles loudly. I worried less about some perv coming over and having his way with my pixels,frankly, than I did about what the girls would think of me. Honestly, girls have always scared me more than boys.

I have been entranced with the soundtrack of Wicked for some time now. (totally different subject..but hang with, I'm going somewhere....)One song, Popular, seems be right on point.. last verse goes something like

Popular, you gonna be popular
I'll help you be popular

We're gonna make you popular
just not QUITE AS

See, girls play nice, until, one breaks the rules..(like uses a bra to gain attention.) Well, then hell hath no fury like a woman trumped!!

Now, I must say the girls on this playground have been great. I just worry about their secret thought...most of them start with an S..(slut,sleaze,skank,.....)

Yet the picture stays put. Why? Because it is me. The part that's underneath the mom, the friend, the teacher ,and unfortunately, the part hiding beneath the wife. This is the sex in me, the naughty in me..(which by the way, is alarmingly girly girl..and sweet). It's always been in me, and always will be. I want to be proud of it, before it goes away. Scratch that, I hope I rock as a grandmother.

Saying that, even scares me. So many bad characterizations of the old cougars trying, desperately cling to beauty, appeal...Hopefully, I won't cling...maybe just finally own and appreciate.

As for you guys out there, if you want to objectify me a little.. go ahead. At my age..I feel it's well earned! So, instead of a scowl..you'll get a big Thank You Very Much from me...
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I think that it's so strange that our automatic reactions to some things can be so negative. My first reaction was "cute bra!" but that's just because I'm shallow and superficial.

7/1/07, 7:53 AM  

You'll get no such "s" words from me. The picture and story made me giggle and be a little envious because you're (obviously) in great shape. Rockin' Grandmas' take practice - not a bad way to start. :)

7/1/07, 5:36 PM  

Oh, come on now. We're all allowed to be a little naughty now and then. And frankly, there's more sexuality in some of the things you write, like some poems, then some photo of you in a bra. Not that it wasn't a nice photo. It was. Not that I'm objectifying you as a woman. OK, maybe a little.

7/2/07, 5:27 PM  

Well, I go on vacation and slack off on blog reading and Wendy lifts her shirt for the blogosphere. That's a great bra and a great rack--those boobs are ALMOST as big as your brain. : )

7/11/07, 5:36 PM  

I think it's great that you left the post up... forget the naysayers...
You will totally rock as a grandmother, and have no fear of the bad characterizations of the old cougars trying to cling to beauty. For those of us that have a brain, we know it's not about that at all, it's about showing the world that even though you've lived more life, you're still a sexy young fox at heart, and that'll show through.
The only time the bad characterizations come into play is when you start talking about lip injections and multiple face lifts... forget that noise.
We all have naughty in us, young to old... it's just a shame that the younger try to harp on the older for flaunting it still.
You shouldn't feel dirty for the added attention that neil brought you, it's just one good blogger recognizing another.
Kudos on keeping things real, in a completely superficial world.
Stay awesome.

7/13/07, 1:11 PM  

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