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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Honey..I'm Home.....

Vacations are odd little microcosms of life. Like going to a different wing of the human zoo we call Earth.

The first stop for us was South Carolina. I don't have much experience south of the Mason Dixon line, so this was very enjoyable for me. Only had two days though...so only scratched the surface...really not even a scratch.

Then on to the Bahamas. July in Grand Bahama is HOTTTT Hot hot hottie hot! and wet...My favorite memory...swimming..(ok wading...)with the dolphins. This was very cool. However, the best part was the native Bahamian?? naturalist...
(We were in the Bahamas with Michael's company. I call it a yada yada trip...Sales excellence blah blah,...whatever. I just heard "FREE TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS". )

Anywho..(had dinner with a couple from Minnesota....)the dolphin lady...had never heard of my husbands company.Michael and his fellow compatriots were SHOCKED!!! really stunned! She had us do a cheer for the dolphins.Dolphins, as it uurns out, are party animals.They love excitement. She boldy attempted to rally the troops of some unknown county with a.....

"Give me an O...R...A...C....L...E....S....What does that spell???"

"Oracles????" was the sheepish response she and the dolphins heard. The dolphins were not impressed. I was MUCH amused. I will ask Michael how work was at Oracles from now on. He uses the term Big Gorilla often to describe "market share". More like little itty bitty sand flea..in the Bahamas.

The dolphin lady also explained how to take dolphins for a walk. Seems they open the gates to their cove...(yes, it a real cove..not a pool or a prison)..and the dolphins follow the trainers' boat out into the Caribbean. No leashes. Just trust...They visit different beaches and deep water sights. The dolphins are free to leave. She said they rarely do. But every once in a while, some get a hankering to go sightseeing...so off they go.

"Never fails....", she finished.."in a couple of days....we find them calling at the front gate, hung over and pregnant....wantin to come back home."

Yep, there's no place like home!
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Hey hey! I am really glad you're home. Are you hung over and pregnant?

7/11/07, 9:49 AM  

Like your new profile photo and am glad you had a super (albeit hot) vacation!
Glad to see you blogging!

7/13/07, 5:48 PM  

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