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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Dentist..My New Drug Dealer

I had Satan for a dentist as a child. A REALLY BAD DUDE. Uses his elbow to keep me still in the chair. Yikes..Shivers 35 years later.

My new dentist is a saint. A sexy saint at that. He used to have a short beard and I was very smitten. Now, he has shaved it.. but I still find him yummy. He is the kindest man I have ever met. He makes me comfortable. Hence the drugs. Valium to sleep the night before. Nitros to make time float by on the back of pretty pink unicorns.

And for my root canal, a few weeks ago...a nifty new drug, Halycon...ie THE MIND ERASER...was unreal. Root canal???? I think I had one..really can't remember! LOVE that!

He also flattered me into braces....and told me I could make a living in Hollywood. So whats not to love! No wonder I have proposed to him several times, under the influence...

Unfortunately he's married...and so am I. I've confessed this little crush to my husband. His answer was vintage Michael.

"You should marry him. You'd sure save a hell of a lot of money...I could be your boy toy on the side."

Huh...now that's something to think about.....
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I'm probably the only person on earth not nervous about going to the dentist. It's only the cost that gives me a headache.

What a sweet husband - so accomodating. LOL

7/19/07, 8:11 AM  

Just wanted to post this close up of my pearly whites...so you no I am not toothless... I just have VERY expensive teeth.....and they just keep costing more and more and more!!!

7/19/07, 11:51 AM  

I just KNEW it! Now you'll be going off to Hollywood and leave all of us behind in the dust....Yes, you are beautiful. Cool braces. Mine were big ugly silver things with wires sticking out (Like Ugly Betty's) that made the inside of my mouth sore. And rubber bands and such.

7/19/07, 1:01 PM  

Pepek....this is after the braces, silly...not quite peferct..but close enough!! Mine to were silver, ouchy and rubberbanded in ways I do not care to remember....plus I had them as a 36 year old. Talk about humiliation!!!!!

7/19/07, 1:41 PM  

Your teeth are a beautiful result of dental work.
Your face of course required not a thing to be as beautiful.
And that quote of Michael's - that right there - is why you are married to the Marvellous, Yummy Mike and content to keep the Sexy Dentist as a fantasy only. Uh-huh - uh-huh, don't I know I'm right!

7/21/07, 9:05 PM  

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