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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Training is training...

This lovely creature is Roux...OK show name Chocolat. This guy has taught me so much...all,as I tried to teach him. He has taught me to be patient. He has made me more alert. He has shown me, that most living things, human or horse, resist when they are scared, or don't understand. He has taught me that there are times for empathy and taking it slowly...and then there are times to suck it up...and do it. He has taught me he will be a good partner..but he needs me to be the leader.. A trustworthy leader...a consistent, fair, sane leader.

He has taught me how to teach kids. He has taught me to wait out the tantrum. To ask the same question in different ways, until I get the right answer. He has shown me that things change...and what WAS a problem yesterday...may not be TODAY...or visa versa.

Sometimes I feel over my head, with my kids at school. One step forward, two steps back. Then I think of Roux. I set my sights, and stay my course. Training is training.....be it "Kinder" or Horse!!!
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HI WENDYLOU! Hey, everyone seems to hate BloggerBeta A LOT. You are still draped in black -- is that significant? I am waiting until I HAVE TO switch over, hoping it gets better....

This is a nice post, a nice horse.


9/20/06, 5:13 PM  

What a gorgeous horse! And a lovely, thoughtful post.

9/21/06, 4:18 PM  

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