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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Fortunes of the fun Christian

The prompt for this morning is "Fortune Cookies". An interesting prompt.

Fortunes of the Fun Christian

One of my very best friends, is a true Christian thru and thru. She is, as we speak, leading her Bible Blast class...over a hundred kids talking about and memorizing whole scripture passages. They have to be word perfect to get credit, she tells me over coffee. WORD PERFECT. She giggles. She is the kind of christian I adore...The fun kind. The kind that thinks God's got a plan AND a sense of humour.

She is also one of my riding buddies. We have cracked up over very inappropriate, OK crass jokes while spending hours together at the barn or in the saddle. Though we are now at different barns,(lots of high drama at barns..mostly all white, rich, women...need I say more)we still talk weekly. She will call to give a rundown of her lessons that week, or how she did at the shows. Sometimes she'll report that her dressage trainer had her sitting the trot so long...that her GIRL is SCREAMING...(take a moment to think about it...If she was a man, her BOY would be black and blue) I'll ask her if she has a bag of frozen peas in her freezer..they are perfect to conform to that area. We then cackle. Like I said, she's one of those fun Christians.

We have been known to have 4 hour lunches..talking about this and that...Driving the waiters crazy, with our refusal to leave. Don't worry, we always flirt a bit with them...and leave a big tip. PF Changs is a favorite hangout...we always share dessert. At the end, comes the fortune cookies. Friend C breaks hers open, first and reads out and very LOUD..."You will find a curious choice ahead...IN BED!!!!" Lots of business suits popp to attention.

C laughes..."you always say in bed..after your fortune...duh!!" My Sunday school Bible Blaster friend..has me blushing. Silly girl!

"Well go on"...she quips..."Let's see what in store for you!!"

"Michael is in Australia...duh.."I say..snapping mine open to find mine.....empty.... "NOTHING. Great!!NOTHING IN BED...!"

"Not so fast"..my friend laughs.."That a FREE BE..a fill in the blank...anything you want....in BED!"

"Are you sure They know this side of you at the church..."I say, burying my face in my napkin. "Children are in your care, WOMAN!"

Walking to the door, after lunch, arm in arm, we are still laughing,when she says..
"Hey, have you ever found out what your stripper name would be??"

Complete blank panic on my face...."Uh, No Dear... I say "Do you need me to drive you home??"

"Oh stop," she says, getting her keys out..."It's your first dogs name and your mothers maiden name put together." She glances down at her watch, and says.."Oh Shit..I'm late...kids will be home before me...Gotta Go. Love ya..." Trotting of on her high heeled boots she shouts over her shoulder.. "Mine's Taffy La Croix....think about it...bye".

Did I mention she is my Fun Christian Friend.....

That all for now, this is Abagail Ginger ale Wittman signing off!

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What a hoot! (Mine's Tinki Wolfe!)

9/3/06, 2:51 PM  

I've heard that your porn name is your first pet's name and the first street you lived on. Maybe a stripper is different! Growing up outside of the U.S. doesn't make this as much fun....my stripper name would be Jeppie Goh and my porn name would be Jeppie Bedok...see, doesn't sound as fun. Now if I use one of current pet's name and the street I lived on 4 years ago (don't want to reveal my current location), my name would be: Mishka Gorton....that's better!

9/3/06, 3:22 PM  

(Finally, someone else who has migrated to the new blogger beta!)

Great take on the Sunday prompt! It's always fun going out and having a laugh with a good friend.

9/3/06, 9:11 PM  

My sister-in-law is Fundamentalist Christian, and it always amazes me how much fun we have together (being the agnostic that I am) and how many intelligent, engaging conversations we have together. Our vast differences in regards to religion mean very little when we're spending time together. Funny how those stereotypes only hold true when we are looking at people from a distance.

9/4/06, 8:18 AM  

LOL! It sounds like you two are perfect for one another!

9/4/06, 10:43 AM  

Hilarious post! Thanks for sharing some of your amusing times spent with a good friend!

9/5/06, 5:47 AM  

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