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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blasphemous Rumor

I believe it is an old 80's Depeche Mode Song...That reared it head in my life this morning.

"I don't want to start
any blasphemous Rumors
but I think that God's got
a sick sense of humour
and when I die,
I expect to find him

Up at 6:00 this lovely AM, I went to worship at the alter I call COFFEE POT. Oh, its a shiny fancy stainless steel vessel of addiction. My husband operates this beauty like a pro. It's an all in one dealy ma bob. Grinds, brews and spits out "the juice" all in one neat silver edifice. Supposed to help with CLUTTER. (I have a problem, so my mother in law tells me, with CLUTTER.) Alas, my husband is yet again, gone, as in not brewing. I like to have my coffee "percolated" as Ricky Ricardo would say to Lucy. The best is when it is handed to me...LOVE THAT.

Oh well,life can't be perfect...I set up the drill. Beans in there..water in here, filter in this and push the button...the whirl of the blades ASSURES me that coffee will be waiting HOT AND STEAMY, when I return from taking one daughter to her very early bus pick up.

Instead, I walk in to find my youngest, Mags, running for towels like she was on Titanic and about to man a life boat!!! "What did you DO!!MOM!! REALLY" The coffee pot has gone ape crazy! Coffee everywhere..but the pot. On the floor, on the counter, on the cabinets. 6:20 in the bloody morning. Trying to fight back the terriers, who want to try..(terriers and caffeine...Definitely not a good combo)I am on my old knees on the hard wood floors swabbing the deck.

The lyric to the song start to run through my head. "OK OK," I scream in my head..."So sometimes I worship at the wrong alters!!! SUE ME" I mutter under my breath"at least its not a golden Calf or anything.."

I seriously consider licking the floor for a boost of blind faith...but instead I put the kettle on to boil...and walk to the washing machine with my mornings coffee dripping from the towels in my arms.

Very Funny GOD, very, very funny.
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Oh, I've had that happen. It's probably why I don't make coffee on a regular basis. I hope you eventually got a good cup.

8/29/06, 10:55 AM  

That was marvelous! Thanks for the smile and a good laugh...at your expense, no less! I hope you got your coffee....probably at the altar of Starbucks (or insert other coffeeshop name here), huh?

8/29/06, 4:14 PM  

Oh yeah, I've had this happen too. In fact, for some reason, my husband and I break a coffeemaker about every six months. Not just the pot, but the entire coffeemaker. God knows what we do to the things.

8/29/06, 5:20 PM  

You had me giggling up a storm. Have been there myself.
It sucks

8/29/06, 9:15 PM  

sorry to giggle at your
morning mess
i couldn't help myself...
you just wrote it so well.

8/30/06, 9:34 AM  

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