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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

About Time!!

Firstly, I hope the girls at Poetry Thursday, don't take offense at my finding fault with their TOTALLY OPTIONAL prompt for tomorrow. Their efforts are the lifeblood of this community we have got going here...My mind is so enjoying this party!!

As for the optional part of the prompt...well, I guess I look at these prompts as exercises. I was glad to read that Mary Oliver (to whom I was introduced to by one of you..thank you,..now I own two of her books) in her Poetry Handbook, feels much the same way. She speaks of honing ones craft, like a painter, or a musician. I am probably one of the most undisciplined people I can think of, but oddly, this makes perfect sense to me. So, I'll have to come up with something...

Thanks to Oliver, I have started thinking about style,and mannerism. I am definitely a confessional woman poet(in training). So any discussion of time for me, is bound to be more of a moment to moment affair.

The bigger topic, of TIME, is so beyond me that as a cowgirl socialite friend of mine says,..it would be as "Stupid as puttin a razor in the hand of a monkey!!" All slash, no finesse. So today for two minutes I will try to rid myself of every cliche about time I have stored in my pea brain...

1. Time in a bottle
2. Time waits for no man
3. Time's wasting
4. No time like the present
5. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of out lives
6. The best of times, the worst of times
7. Time after Time
8. Wasted Time
9. Killing time
10. To every thing there is a season...(I do love this passage though)
11. A moment to remember, cherish,
12. Tick Tock
13. if I could turn back time
14. Memories..like the corner of our minds...
15. Take time to smell...
16. Time to GO!!
17. Tell Time
18. Keep track of the time.
19. It was his time.
20. Time of death
21. Dinner time
22. Sleepy time
24. May I have a moment of your time
25. free Time
26.....Time Passages, By Al Steward..which by the way, is the song playing when I got "felt up"for the first time. Only top, no bottoms...I'm not that kind of girl..Well now I am,,Then definitely NOT. Freshman year in high school.... Amy Moore's house...she had 2 Whippets that barked a lot...and a massive house with lots of dark corners..

(told you I was confessional....huh....)
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I like your post - great take on the prompt. Haven't come up w/ one of my own yet.

8/23/06, 12:49 PM  

I really really love your stuff. I love your poems, and your not-poems. I love the way your head works. (and the new (to me) picture up top!

8/26/06, 9:11 AM  

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