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Saturday, August 12, 2006

and Now..for THE FUN!!!

Thanks to one of my favs of fav CHIEF BISCUIT I am going to have some Saturday night fun..and finish this list.... also Sunday Scribblings prompt has me a bit stumped...so leave it to CB to give me a fun diversion....Thank God for friends..ok here goes...

10 Years ago : I was the mom of a 6 year old and a 3 year old.I was heavily in to photography..and was a Sunday School teacher, until I got in a fight with the head of the program...over using Kids as props...I hate MAKING kids do what they are uncomfortable with...I lived in Claremont CA...in a two bedroom 1 bath house..(our second since being married) I had a very large garden..with lots of old English roses and wisteria.and a huge fig tree in the back yard. I helped deliver our golden retrievers first and only litter of nine pups. I had to reach up and pull one gently out, when its puppy sac burst prematurely. I felt so proud to save that little ones life.

5 Years ago: We moved from Suburbia to the country. I yanked my kids from private school (catholic) and put them into the public school...very good..for our area. Maggie was going into third grade. Her second grade teacher..had been an ex nun.. They called her THE VELVET HAMMER... She almost broke Mags. She'd come home crying with headaches and threw up more often than not. After going the "lets talk to the principal route".. I left the school. The principal and I both cried..(really). As for the ex nun...Didn't crusaders kill in the name of God..and weren't people (women) burned at the stake for the good of us all. She was a throw back to that era.. And I am glad I took my daughter back..We had 4 horses on 5 acres. I drove down dirt roads to get to my house...We bought my black pickup truck and my first horse trailer.

1 year ago: My husband and I were just getting back from The big Island of Hawaii. We had a week to ourselves. We rode horses, swam with sea turtles, and remembered that we really like each other. I sat by the pool at the Fairmont and watched ladies doing water aerobics, as IZ (a island singer) sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow". I wore two lei's on that trip...and was truly happy. I came home to newly installed Air Conditioning at my house and all was right with the world.

5 songs to which I know all the words: Bruce Springsteen..anything really..but lets say BORN TO RUN (since he is speaking PERSONALLY TO ME!)Dixie Chicks WIDE OPEN SPACES, Loui Armstrong WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD, hum..how about The Doors LA WOMAN and..Shawn Colvin DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. That was way too easy...

5 Snacks : Gumdrops, Ben and Jerry's Half baked Twisted, pretzels,cheese nips and chocolate...a sweet and salty girl I am!!

5 things to do with 100 mill...:now this reveals a lot about me. I can't even fathom that much money...I'd buy a big ranch....and help kids get to know horses. I'd buy my husband his porsche...and his own company. I'd have a staff to help with things around the house ( i know that sounds really bad..huh) I'd start an alternative school for special needs kids.

5 Places to Run away to:: Montana, Oregon Coast, San Juan Islands (Orcas to be specific) Italy (maybe) and Sedona Arizona...

5 things I never would wear: horizontal stripes, a jump suit, granny panties,a t-shirt that says SPANK ME,sequins

5 Fav TV show:: MONK, Project Runway, Sunday Morning (on CBS) Friends, and ..oh so guilty to watch this smut... ENTOURAGE on HBO.

5 Joys: My kids, My husband, My horses, Writing and Watching it all go by.

5 toys: My horses x2, Camera, computer (ie adobe photo shop and blogging) DVD and CD players... and a little mini chopper thingie...I LOVE to chop things in it WHIIRRLL!!

Ok... told ya it would be fun...now, YOUR turn....Thanks again Chief!!
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That's all right !! I forgot Monk - he's one of my favs - but we haven't had the programme over here for a while now ... I wonder when it will make it here again.

I LOVE IZ's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow'!!

I am impressed at how many songs you know the words to.

I really enjoyed reading this list - thanks Wendylou!!!

8/13/06, 3:29 AM  

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