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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


My mother in law, Helen, left today. I am slumped in exhaustion. While slipping away to write a few thoughts...she caught me.(the lap top is in the Guest room.....)I explained a little bit of my activity here. I write. Like a diary. only different. I knew better than to say poetry. Poetry would have arched an eyebrow. Diary was better.

"Any thing to keep busy, dear." Helen responded. And for a half moment I almost wished it were an affair instead. A big huge HAIRY SWEATY TORRID ON LINE AFFAIR....with a lurking someone...male or female...UNKNOWN..all the better to SHOCK her with.

But no, she looked at me as a little girl, cutting out strings of paper dolls. Or making Christmas construction paper links, in August. In short, wasting my time with the frivolous.

Like the guilty school girl I am, I closed my laptop quietly, put my toys away..and went back to work...being a good hostess.
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Hi, Wendy!

thanks for your comment on my blog about poem from the unfinished conversations prompt . . . the one about being 14 and wanting the boy to say he loves her.

i visited your blog today, and I love your voice. This post especially caught my voice . . . isn't it horrible how people make writing seem like a nice little hobby to keep us busy? they don't get that writing is so much more to those of us practice it! But i know i'm preaching to the choir.

8/10/06, 6:25 PM  

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