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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dashboard for Poetry Thursday


As she was, a teen,
she swore she had captured
a Genie
(if you will)
in the dashboard of her car.
a baby blue buick skylark
with torn headliner
and questionable stains on
the back seat.

She recalls
as she wretched
one stain to life,
Genie had offered
Don Henley crooning
about Heartache tonight.
She vowed to never taste
tequila again.

the faintest stain
no, really a watermark,
(is all)
was hidden in a
creased corner
where she had
turned her head,
and repented.
she prayed
for redemption
and recognition.
Genie brought forth
a new wave rendition
My Best Friend's Girlfriend
It was fairly simple,
she thought,
still (he) couldn't catch the beat.
Boys have no rhythm
at all.

She always drove home alone
windows down,
eyes soft on the horizon.
Genie along for the ride.
He finally offered
the song she
She knew all
the words


wlf 9:23 am

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posted by wendy at 8:59 AM


I really like this one. Well done.

8/3/06, 9:47 AM  

GOod one! Ask lynn at sprigs about those stains on the backseat.... (or not).

8/3/06, 10:44 AM  

I really enjoyed this poem. What freedom.. the wind blowing through her hair as she sings along... like the genie too.

8/3/06, 12:03 PM  

It was fairly simple,
she thought,
still (he) couldn't catch the beat.
Boys have no rhythm
at all.

This feels like the heart of the poem to me. Love her singing out loud alone at the end, screw the boys who can't get with it.

8/3/06, 5:22 PM  

Great poem!

8/3/06, 6:44 PM  

i love that i now have my best friend's girlfriend running through my mind...and the words that followed it...
"it was fairly simple"

8/3/06, 10:48 PM  

Awesome poem - conversational and with great momentum. Flows well; great feeling of freedom and learning life's lessons along the way (that some men are dense!) - driving in the wind and sun - listening to music ... it's all there. I like it a lot.

8/3/06, 11:10 PM  

At about 5:00am, I stopped trying to formulate anything that could be confused as an attempt to create a complete sentence. I regretted it, having read and reread your moments later, wanting so desperately to comment on the way your words gripped my mind, even half asleep, conjuring up such vivid images.

My favorite line, "she always drove home alone/windows down/eyes soft on the horizon"

To me it captures the essence of what I got from this poem, the carefree spirit sheltered within your words. I realized, after I read your poem the first time, I wanted so much to know the woman in your poem, know her unbridled freedom and her laissez-faire attitude. She, as much as that baby blue buick skylark, had character in abundance.

I loved it.

8/4/06, 2:13 PM  

"She vowed never to taste tequila again." That I can relate to!

8/4/06, 6:24 PM  

I like this poem - Don Henley's music and Tequila! Sounds vaguely familiar... :)

8/5/06, 2:45 AM  

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