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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to School

Yesterday, I took Mags to registration....8th grade. Along with all the geeky boys and overly dolled up pre teens, I was amazed at the display of moms. I've already mentioned elsewhere, that this is a solid golf and tennis moms community. This time of year, its also evident , which fams belong to the club. (and it's pool...or as I like to refer to it...preteen Sodom and Gamora).

The moms, were in large part, more on display than the kids. Those in the know, cackled louder and glanced around, surveying the tundra of middleschool, more than their daughters did. Hence, where mean gils come from???? Mean moms of course. DUH!!!Such beautimous mani-pedis I have not seen in a while. and high stilletto slides...hum...I guess I missed the SEMI FORMAL dress requirement, on my invite..I mean, registration packet.

It surprised me how quickly I slid on my glasses and hid...Lest we not forget the name of this blog. I can be very quiet...almost invisable. I slunk behind my daughter...and silently berated my choice of clothing. Underdressed...as usual.

Over heard, was gossip, aimed at both student and teacher alike. Bragging of lacrosse and soccer camp heros. There was the occasinal health broadcast...and obituary.

The funniest by far, though, came out of the mouth of a soon to be 8th grade boy two back from us in line. Over and over, he kept telling his friends of the funniest SEINFELD episode he had just seen. At the beach house...some one (female) walks in on George..naked after being in a cold pool...and looks oh so disappointed. George screams in horror.."I was in the POOL!!!"

With all the posing and posturing and primping I had witnessed that late hot afternoon, it was refreshing that this boy was showing his "hand" so honestly. His attention was focused right where it was supposed to be focused..for a 13 year old boy...(or maybe all boys)...squarely between his legs.
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Thanks for sharing this funny story. Thank goodness those days are over for me (my daughter's in college). That's hilarious that the boy kept repeating the Seinfeld story. Good luck to your daughter in 8th grade (and to you, having to deal with those moms)! :)

8/8/06, 3:50 PM  

Funny how many of those "mean girls" come from equally petty moms. I often tell my students, when they complain about how mean and petty other high school kids can be, that us adults aren't necessarily much better. SOME of us, anyway.

8/8/06, 4:54 PM  

Oh I love your honesty...I have been there slinking feeling so underdressed and wanting to disappear

8/9/06, 8:40 PM  

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