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Friday, August 11, 2006

Constructive...remember...it's CONSTRUTIVE.

I'll post twice today....as I had a fun project in mind..but first... I must comment on a comment on my poetry thursday submission.

bgfay...let me know that there was a "typo" in the TITLE of my blog. Seems I like to spell ALOT...as one word....bgfay says it's two words.....he's an english teacher, so he should know. Thing is, I almost didn't change it at all. I know (well, now I know) it's a little wrong..... But so am I!!!! I love JIMs comments on some of my poetry.. he like that its ever so "off". EVER SO OFF should be my theme song....(or a new title for my blog..huh...)

bgfay also told me I had "some" of what he liked in a poem. Teachers red pen out, again..eh? I think I would have garnered a B- on "Mating Weeds". perhaps even a C+...but thats not fair....and I would have to POUT.

So here's the truths I can speak on the subject:

1. I can't spell... never could, never will be good at it. Sometimes I don't care. Sometimes I do..and I feel stupid. Like now, when someone is holding a red pen. and squinting. and leering.

2. Perhaps I'm not up for EDITING...just yet... seems I am overly sensitive.

3. I am like a dog...reprimand me, and after I piddle, I want to do better. So I try harder next time...

4. I am enjoying this "comment" thing...more than I knew. I love letting others know how I love their work...and welcome any critism of mine...just give me a second to regain my composure...ha ha.

Their. i think its aff mi chest nou,

PS ...I also made the dim-witted mistake of thinking BZ was a woman...had I scrolled to dig further, I would have realised, He is not...and to boot...He's a new PAPA!!congrats....and apologies for the transgendered mishap......
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Oops you really put your foot in it didn't you? I wouldn't let it worry you my dear - we love you just the way you are!

8/12/06, 7:32 AM  

I think all the best poets are 'ever so off' (well they all have their quirks at least) Thursday's was a fabulous poem -keep at it :-)!!!!

8/12/06, 11:34 AM  

I once had a day of teaching in which, inadvertantly, I made three different students cry. While it turned out that every one of them had other things going on and I was just the spark that set them off, I remember thinking that I had officially become the worst person on the planet.

I like that you changed the poem, but I like much more that you wrote about it and took it somewhere. As for whether or not to get worked up over editing, don't sweat it. Natalie Goldberg has some good theories about all of that. Me, I prefer to have someone edit the hell out of my stuff just to clean it.

Finally, about my "some of" comment. From me, that's praise. Don't take it any other way. I don't like exclamation points and I look on gushy, gee-whiz praise as baloney. It's the little comment and the specific pointing that matters and, in my eye, shows the careful reading.

By the by, I make _alot_ of errors as well. So there.

8/12/06, 8:04 PM  

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