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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Horror..The Horror....

Yesterday, we tackled clothes shopping..sort of. Today was worse...Today it was SCHOOL SUPPLIES...We got I'd say 87% of the lists accomplished... Office Depot and Walmart..have not yet figured the correct algorithm for ratio of college rule vs wide ruled spirals...and note paper.

Maggie had 1/4 inch bound graph paper, as a requirement..for a 8th grade lab book...I think we found 3/8ths instead...She almost had a meltdown...in the sweltering NO AIR CONDITIONING office HELL depot...And I almost said her teacher could bite me....But I restrained my self...and said instead..."DEAL, MAGGIE...JUST DEAL".

Rachel vowed to recycle mostly...and as much as I love and admire this about her...she played the Sainted card a little too long today. She contemplated how many more times she could sharpen her old #2 pencil...Surely, it would last another semester. I threw a twelve pack in....and said (ok, maybe shrieked a bit) "MY GOD...There just PENCILS!!"....What followed was a brief but stern lecture (given by Rach to me..um...the MOM) about the effects of deforestation on the natural habitat of...UGGGHH... I could have retaliated with the fact that her Binders were made from Petroleum products..thus producing Green House gases that DIRECTLY contribute to overall global warming...but then I would be forces to search out soy based peachee folders and hemp three ring binders...So I took the easy way out and kept quiet.

$98.14 later, we were sort of, kind of, stocked up...on pens and paper, basically. Oh my BLOODY HELL!!! I am so fed up with being yet another peak in someone's profit season. $100.00 for school supplies. There's something fishy going on ....and I am sick of being played....Maggie's list also called for a pack (4) of dry erase markers... ok $5.00..right...Sure,..but there are, I don't know, maybe 400 or so 8th graders at her middle school, each bringing in 4 dry erase marker...that's 1,600 markers to the tune of $2000.00 bucks......JUST FOR MARKERS FOR OVERHEAD PROJECTORS!!!!!!!!!!! Please..really..P L E A S E!!!!

I heard recently that states pay almost double the dollars to incarcerate someone, as opposed to educate someone...(I think around 18k per year, per student... and something like 30k per prisoner). That fact alone points to a GIANT flaw in the system. But I've also heard now, that they are trying to provide the prisoners with a high school diploma, in some cases. I think this is a good idea. Really...I just wonder, WHO IS BUYING THOSE SCHOOL SUPPLIES???? I think we all know the answer to that question. Ah well, that's enough for today, let's all go to recess, shall we? I need a juice box.
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"I am so fed up with being yet another peak in someone's profit season."

this is the perfect line.
it could be a book title,
a song title,
the beginning of a revolution,
a mantra,
a mission statement.

i am being so serious.

retail sucks.

8/18/06, 9:48 AM  

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