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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Poetry Thursday

I wrote this poem, yesterday, as I and my girls are back to school. My posts of the last few days..are covering the rituals of this return. All this has changed my pattern of life. Putting me in more places, with more people jammed into them. I've always known I like People, individuals, but the throngs of humanity...crowded into one cubic inch, really is not my thing...Maybe it's because I'm 5' tall and people tend to look right over the top of my head. Maybe its because I sense the collective longings of these places...and can't help wondering what we are all doing there? What are we looking for?

Siren Song
(heard in the mall)

This store
had promised
to have everything
I ever wanted,
and more.

It Lied.

It has plenty.
rack after rack
shelf upon shelf
hanger pressed to hanger
tucked shoe next to shoe
even bra, with matching pantie.

It has much
of what I need.
I confess, as
my holes are filled
with socks.
and my spring has

I suppose I should
crave them,
like pickles or pretzels.
But I have no taste
for them now.

I wander
haphazard, touching
wisps of fabric.
Here a skirt,
there a sweater.
for something,
feeling for luck.

I am alone
with no fever
my heart dull and slow.

finding nothing to fancy
I surrender.
I am spent,
no money leaving my purse.

(which by the way,
is a knock off
I bought on a
street corner.
I remember,
the man had green eyes,
just like me.)

wlf 7:30 Thursday

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posted by wendy at 7:18 AM


This is good. I've done my share of aimless shopping, looking for the just-right-thing, the "fix", and finding nothing. You've evoked the feeling so well.

8/17/06, 7:47 AM  

Oh I hate shopping...especially the kind of shopping where there are things you must get and you can not find them. This poem definitely evokes that experience.

8/17/06, 8:12 AM  

Fun, whimsical, and the perfect poem to read as the kids head back to school!

I LOVED this:

"This store
had promised
to have everything
I ever wanted,
and more.

It Lied."

This poem reminded me of the Staples commercial where they use a play-on "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and the father is smiling wide, riding the shopping carriage, singing the song, and his kids have the longest faces in the world.

You captured a moment that many harried moms and dads are going through right now. Nice job!

8/17/06, 10:15 AM  

Great start - love the "it lied." Funny and acerbic.

8/17/06, 5:04 PM  

I confess, as
my holes are filled
with socks.

Oh i loved this poem-so terrific

8/17/06, 7:37 PM  

The things we choose to fill the empty places of our being!

I loved the last stanza, the way it brings a tangible presence into the fray, the green eyes so vivid against the dull, meticulous surroundings of materialism...the green was so radiant in my mind's eye, it practically lept from the page. This small insertion of color was rendered so powerful against the modest descriptions of the other items - something to be savored.

8/17/06, 8:01 PM  

Great poem. You captured the way I felt last weekend. Plenty of stuff, but none of it was exactly what I wanted.

8/17/06, 10:27 PM  

I have enjoyed catching up and reading about your shopping adventures! Love the poem - a good way of looking at the rampant commercialism of this dear world of ours gone mad.

8/18/06, 12:32 AM  

"my holes are filled
with socks."

I love that! It made me laugh out loud.

8/18/06, 7:58 AM  

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