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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Scribblings

Todays prompt is The Secret Life of Pets.... Talk about preachin' to the choir...I have 4 dogs and 2 horses...I know a lil somethin' sumthin' about this. But I am blocked...filled with maternal guilt,as to which one to write about. Don't want to play favorites. I'm not sure that I even have a favorite.. (usually with the dogs...The FAV is the one who hasn't peed, pooped or puked in my house today...As for the horses, usually it's the one who hasn't stepped on my foot or pooped on my shoe. So we have a theme..Don't POOP around me, and you too, could earn PREMIERE STATUS, in my book..But again, I digress....)

I am unable to pick...like Solomon, I can not choose,so, we will have to use plan B.

A Moment

Last night, she was sure she was human. Last time she checked the clock it was 2AM. She had a husband and a bed. She had unfolded clean laundry on the chair. She had a toilet bowl that need scrubbing. She had locks on all her doors, and she had the worlds worries in her head. She was tired. Dog tired. But she couldn't find rest.

Now,the sun is purple in the sky..The wind chimes have stopped their chatter. It is cool and barley stirring. She is instantly awake. "I heard it. Hear It?.. It isn't from my yard. It is from beyond the fence. It is from the other side, not My side." She cocks her head, inhaling deeply. "No blood, or sweat. No danger.... Probably hungry. Am I hungry???..no..just tired...too early...GO AWAY...now where was my spot??..I liked that spot..." Nose between her hands, (She'd seen humans do this too, cept,they just they cover there eyes instead of there nose..how stupid, huh?)
head impossible close to her chest..she is again asleep. Deep sleep. Restful sleep. Innocent sleep. Sleep.

"I need to pee." As her feet touch the floor, she feels the carpet against her foot. She rubs it back and forth until it bores her. She steps forward in slow motion, stretching the ripple of her body..all as she moves. "Start with the fingers...and then oh ..ah... yep.. all..the way.. to the toes..pointed out behind..yep..." With a shake, she is at the potty. She pees. "OH, how GOOD it is to PEE."

She walks back through the bathroom, across the marble floor, cool, and flat and glossy under her feet. Back to the carpet fuzzy and warm.. Back to the bed. Back to her spot. Almost back to sleep...when it hits her.

She hasn't glanced in the mirror...The one's that fill her bathroom space.. The one's she's checked obsessively for...41 years...She has walked right by them, on that cool, glossy marble...Those mirrors seem irrelevant. She smells someone cutting the grass. She is getting sleepy. She doesn't know for sure...but something has changed. She lifts her nose lazily. "Yes. Something is not the same." But still, with no blood, or sweat or danger, she is soon back in sleep.

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"OH, how GOOD it is to PEE."

This should be on a t-shirt.

8/20/06, 1:03 PM  

OK, we were totally on the same page with this prompt...I loved the hints you gave us like "dog tired" and "innocent sleep." We never QUITE know what happened to the narrator, but we can make a good guess.

Fun take on the prompt!

8/20/06, 10:03 PM  

Great story, very oblique.

8/20/06, 10:18 PM  

Now that is so clever. You are a trick. I love it!

8/21/06, 5:47 AM  

This was very nicely done. I particularly liked the change in attitude and senses from human to dog.


8/21/06, 7:10 AM  

Very fun post! I love the description of scratching the carpet--you make the act that I've always thought of as so odd make sense!

8/21/06, 11:36 AM  

Wonderfully unique take - I love how you're so ambiguous, yet so specific.

8/21/06, 1:22 PM  

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