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Friday, September 01, 2006


A couple of days ago, I wrote a comment on Neils blog. He had written a very funny pc. on Mommy Bloggers..God I hate that title. (though this may point more to my persistent self loathing...again, I digress). I suppose most of the blogs I read, are "Parenting" blogs, to some extent. News flash...LOTS of people reproduce. And once something is created from or near your loins..It tends to hold your attention, for a couple of decades.....There are a few blogs written by people trying to start family...or wishing they had tried sooner. I feel deep affection for these blogs...Wanting something that is hard to get is a universally recognized theme. If any of them read my blog, I would hope they would find my truth here. Not some rosy promo of the perfect life...where all my girls antics are cute, cuddly and sane.

But back to Neil....So, I commented that I really didn't get one of his Blog Hard On's..or as he coyly calls them "Crushes"....I don't hate this blog (that HE lusts for)...I just don't get it. I suppose it's typical of the truly Mommy Blogger gendre. Young childhood is intoxicating...It's suppose to be. It keeps you from leaving your kids at the grocery store with a tag around their necks.."Free to a good home...sort of house trained." Even in the throws of my kids Wonder Years, I managed to know that this was a spell, a love charm, cast on me. The MOM. Not everyone was always smitten with my litter. They had their hold on ME. This was genetically engineered that way. I was a photographer back then, I took a lot of (good) pictures of my girls. That was my Homage, I suppose. They, however, hung only on the wall of my own shrine.

ANYWAY, I made the comment..and Neil wrote back..and warned me I had pretty much Blasphemed!!! I was in danger..and should stop..for fear of my blog life! I'd have the mommy Mafia on my tail...and me with no Cannoli to offer.

Oh well..If this blog disappears ABRUPTLY...at least you'll have a Usual Suspect list to start with.

Don't get me wrong. I write about my daughters often. I've called them some of the leading characters in my melodrama. My only hope is this...that I tell the truth. Perhaps because they are teens now, I know that there's no sense in lying or sugar coating things. As I have stated before...I'm at battle stations, mostly all the time. and some of these battles get bloody...and are not at all pretty to watch.

As for cute pictures, well I still have quite a few..of me and of the girls... so, in the name of fair play, I'll post a few here... You try to figure out which is real and which is illusion.......
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"Parenting blog" -- ha ha! If we are going to use euphemisms, I don't write a blog. I write an "daily online editorial column."

I hope this blog is still here tomorrow after Dooce reads this.

9/1/06, 9:21 AM  

What exactly was the blasphemy? Pointing out that not everyone's enthralled with their kids? 'Cause that's just the truth.

9/1/06, 4:40 PM  

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