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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Passionate Death

I'm sure theres a million bad jokes that could be made about Steve Irwins death. I, however, am really deeply saddened.

Any time you meet someone with a true passion, they can appear a bit crazy. It was clear that Steve Irwin loved his job. More than that, he loved and respected the animals he worked with. I know that the idea of being hurt by one of my animals never occurs to me when I'm with them. I am careful, there are certain "horsemanship rules" that are always in play when I am with them. Owing a St. Bernard, as one of our 4 dogs, I am always aware of the power and prowess of a large Canine.

Still, large parts of my life are spent in the company of animals. I know them as well as some of my human friends.

But just as with human relationships, mistakes happen. Mis-steps occur. Accidents are a reality of life. Senseless stupid accidents. Ironic twists and hidden agendas perhaps. Or perhaps its just this.

Some passions are such that you throw caution to the wind. For the thrill and the moment of truly being alive, enjoying the play and bliss of life, you step out of the ordinary, beyond the safety ropes of the observer. No matter how careful you are, being a payer is most likely always more dangerous than being in the audience. Yet you could die silently in your seat,just watching.

The owner of my barn, probably in her late 60's and still gorgeous, is off for two weeks in Africa. She takes a safari on horseback every 5 years or so. I marveled at this before she left. So WILD!! So Adventurous! but more than a little dangerous. She shrugged and said she never considered that aspect of it. She told me that the memories are worth it. Her favorite is the memory of being on horseback with her guide and one friend...and coming up on a bachelor band of giraffes. The guide whispered to the ladies..."just follow me.." and kicked his horse into a full gallop. This mobilized the whole HERD..and my friend found herself galloping among the giraffes..Her at break neck speed..the giraffes loping on beside her. As she recalled the story, I could still see her awe and excitement. If told that would be her last memory...she would say it was worth it. I'm sure.

So, to Steve Irwin, I say...I enjoyed watching you live your life. God speed.
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Yes, it's very sad that he died so young. He seemed to really LIVE his life and that was inspiring. Hope your friend has a wonderful safari!

9/5/06, 8:17 AM  

It's very sad. I'm sure there are little boys around the world who have lost their hero.

9/5/06, 9:49 AM  

Oh, this is so wonderfully written. I could participate. I was galloping with her among the giraffes! I hope when I've lived my life I remember to tell those I love, "It was worth it!"

btw, you look as young as your daughter!

9/5/06, 4:19 PM  

He certainly was inspirational in that he followed his passion, despite the dangers involved.

9/5/06, 6:55 PM  

Yes, his death was sad. It was unexpected but he did put himself in harm's way. Still, he's one of the good guys and our family will miss him. My son is a fan, but fortunately he's too young to understand all of this.

We should all take some of his passion and express it in our own lives.

9/6/06, 9:22 AM  

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