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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Going on a Google hunt for Sunday Scribblings.

About one year ago, I was a Google virgin. I wasn't much of a computer gal...other than my strong Ebay fetish. If I did have to search, I did it on Yahoo. Then I saw a movie..and heard the phrase "google it" for the first time. Then I found out you could google people, and I was hooked. I googled 3 people. First myself. Then My Father. Then My Muse. I've come to find out that googling oneself is common, and called a Vanity Search..(there's a name for a blog...)

My father is (was?) a baby boomer..so there's not much on him..I just know he lives(or lived?) where I last heard he did. There is just a vesper trail of him. Typing in my maiden name...that links me with him..the last and only thing,..feels profoundly disconnected. No longer am I the girl with his name. I am a woman with a new title..MRS, and a family of my own. Daughters and a husband he has never met. A house and stairs and things he has never seen. Addresses he has never known..never sent birthday cards or Christmas greetings to. So, I guess I know more about him then he knows about me..In a way, Google did its job.

A google on me is...well, pretty boring. Has my competition stats..and a few other misc. entries. A google of my husband reveals..Guess what..He's a business man! No earth shaking secrets uncovered..Just a sketchy trail of activities..with huge holes.

A google of my muse, however..is the Mother Load of info! Turns out..he lives for google..I found it very amusing that I innocently googled him..and found that he lives in a penthouse in Googleland. He's well connected, in the Family..and his hits..are in the thousands...He's spent A lot of time considering google. So in a way..I googled..and google found me my muse.

Yet again, the search is always incomplete. All google can give you is dots on the grid. Bits of days, pcs of lives. Innuendo of information. Push pins on a map. Now I knew where everyone was...but I didn't really have any answers. I didn't know why. Google CANT tell me WHY...and It even struggles with HOW.

Google is good at WHAT. Google can give you the finely traced outlines. But where are the Colors? Where are the shades? I can find the info, but not the knowledge. I can find the numbers, but not total.

I've read Google referenced as the Data base of intentions. What had I intended with my maiden searches? I'm not sure that is clear..even now...So if there is a database..perhaps its a database of confusion..or demons..misgivings.

But all in all, It's still a whiz bang place to find a pumpkin pie recipe...or how to administer my horses meds..But when it comes to the greater searches for meaning...I don't think they programmed it for that.

Let's go see who looked for what on Sunday Scribblings.
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What a great take on the post. It made me think: how much can we really know about anyone, via google or anything else? The part about your father is so touching.

9/16/06, 10:37 PM  

Wonderful post! Excellent take on the prompt. It's incredible the things one can discover via Google.

9/17/06, 6:01 AM  

You mentioned your baby boomer dad. Please send your baby-boomer relatives and friends my way...

9/17/06, 8:05 AM  

I recently Googled some old friends from college, and discovered one of them died in 2003. I've shied away from researching people since then!

9/17/06, 11:35 AM  

Great post :)

Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine since 5th grade commented on my blog and mentioned the name of someone we had gone to school with. She happened to Google herself within the following few days, pulled up the blog post, and got back in touch with him. Kinda cool in a spooky way, LOL :)

9/17/06, 1:19 PM  

I really like the idea that Google can tell you that WHAT but not the WHY or even the HOW...I never thought of it that way before but when I look for answers in the WHY vein, I am always disappointed.

Very interesting take on the prompt...thank you! In essence, you Googled Google itself.

9/17/06, 5:13 PM  

Funny post!

Yes, I've Googled myself a few times.

9/17/06, 7:44 PM  

Good take on the prompt!

9/19/06, 1:05 AM  

This is oh so true...did I mention I googled a childhood boyfriend I hadn't seen in 16 years and ended up flying out to see him again?!?!? Maybe I should have written about that for this week's prompt...

9/20/06, 10:17 AM  

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