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Monday, September 18, 2006

It's getting too crazy!!

I'm Stressed out! So here's a Pic...That makes me Happy!! the caption would be this:

"Chill OUT mom....The world's A PLAYGROUND!"

By Zoey Colored Glasses..

PS... Where's my treat?
posted by wendy at 8:24 AM


It made me smile - thanks! BTW love the photo of yu and yours - what a sweet famdamily! Lov ed what you wrote about googl;e too - so true.

9/19/06, 1:05 AM  

Sorry about all the little typos above ...oops.
And as for beta blogger - yes well for me it means if I want to comment I have to go as Other or Anonymous and cut and paste my URL for a live link ... so it's not exactly convenient.

9/19/06, 1:07 AM  

The world may be a playground - but I think it's overrun by bullies.

9/19/06, 4:37 AM  

So cute - but the playgrounds are dangerous these days. Sigh.

9/19/06, 2:56 PM  

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