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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alone in Paradise

So...Aloha. I'm in Hawaii..For two days by myself...

And only as my luck would have it..they upgraded me to the PENTHOUSE!!!! I kid you not....So if anyone is near me...come on over...we'll party on the roof...

'Til then... I'm off for a martini...and then to bed.

Penthouse for one, please.
posted by wendy at 9:58 PM


Sing along, "Just like me/They long to be/Closer to you...."

Oh, how I'd love to be sitting under an umbrella with you talking about life, the universe, and everything.


6/5/08, 5:44 AM  

You are sooooo NOT going to want to come back... and I'd love to be sitting under that umbrella and talking with you and v-grrrl!

Keep smiling!

6/5/08, 9:30 AM  

Wish I was there!

6/5/08, 9:52 AM  

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