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Monday, May 26, 2008

Graduation Day

These are partial lyrics from Bruce Springsteen's Independence Day. Graduation Day in our case, but very same theme.


Well Papa go to bed now, it's getting late
Nothing we can say is gonna change anything now
I'll be leaving in the morning from St. Mary's Gate
We wouldn't change this thing even if we could somehow

`Cause the darkness of this house has got the best of us
There's a darkness in this town that's got us too
But they can't touch me now and you can't touch me now
They ain't gonna do to me what I watched them do to you

So say goodbye it's Independence Day
It's Independence Day all down the line
Just say goodbye it's Independence Day
It's Independence Day this time

Now I don't know what it always was with us
We chose the words and yeah we drew the lines
There was just no way this house could hold the two of us
I guess that we were just too much of the same kind

Well say goodbye it's Independence Day
All boys(girls) must run away come Independence Day
So say goodbye it's Independence Day
All men must make their way come Independence Day.

Mags has 3 more years before she can sing her farewell. A blink of the eye. Yep. That one in the corner.

God Speed Rach.
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Congrats, Rach!

5/26/08, 10:40 PM  


5/26/08, 11:50 PM  

Thanks for the pictures, too!

5/26/08, 11:52 PM  

Hitch your wagon to a star, Rach!

5/27/08, 9:35 AM  

Well matched - words to pics and sentiments. Thinking of you all - go well daughter, stay strong mother.

5/27/08, 7:15 PM  

Independence Day for mom too.

The education and graduations never stop.

5/28/08, 11:44 AM  

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