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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Shift

When I started writing this blog, I stood back and just took a look at my life and told "stories."

It's just that the stories I would tell now, are sorta scary to me. I find very little fodder these days. Bummer. I miss fodder.

As I have grown to "know" you, I have started to be more honest, than entertaining. Now I feel the need to cover it up a little. I feel a bit exposed..and my response is to clam up.

Pardon me while I pry my mind open again.

Just go about your business. It's really boring to watch..Shouldn't take that long.
posted by wendy at 10:11 AM


Wull, helk. (we always say 'helk' because 'hell' is a bad word. Anyway, so says my Jacob.)

While you are prying, remember that we still love you. We will wait.

5/7/08, 10:28 AM  

While we are waiting, here's a little something from Nancy Willard: "Our memories, too, make journeys. What is lost comes back to find us when we need to be found."

Shouldn't take that long.

5/7/08, 10:33 AM  

Take the time you need, be quiet about a lot of things, and we will be happy to see you when you feel comfortable coming back.

5/7/08, 7:17 PM  

Can't we watch the prying?

5/7/08, 9:08 PM  

Hmm, makes sense... I'll be here!

5/7/08, 10:38 PM  

You are a wordsmith and a wonder. In your own time! :)

5/9/08, 9:04 PM  

I understand the need to hold back. I've been there. I, for one, hope that you will find a way to put it into words that you feel comfortable sharing, because that is your way. When the time is right you will know.

5/10/08, 2:14 PM  

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