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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've been working on attachments lately. To people. To outcomes. To fears. To feelings.

I want to pare down what I need. Actually...I really want to "need" nothing. I'm not sure this is the wisest goal. But I feel driven towards it.

I crave a world filled with acceptance. Of what is here in front of me. The moment I feel "the need", I wish I could instead just surrender. Experience the moment. However brief or prolonged.

It will change. Sooner or later. I can not need or depend on it to remain the same.
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to need nothing...that is an interesting thought...i've got to toss that one around for a bit and see what i think about it...hmmmm....

4/15/08, 2:08 PM  

I have been literally and figuratively sifting my life through my hands for months as part of my move.

It's been interesting to examine my current needs vs. my former needs, to see what I was once attached to and what matters to me now.

I feel shackled by my possessions and the people and dreams that possess me.

It's a hard place to be. On one hand I feel I'm shedding a skin or wriggling out of a cocoon. Am I a moth or a butterfly? Am I going to fly awkwardly in circles and bang against lights or am I going to take off and taste sweet things? What am I becoming?

4/15/08, 7:23 PM  

We all need to take stock like this occasionally. Refine. Re-evaluate. Reassess. Revitalise. Hope you manage to get to the point soon where you feel refreshed and invigorated - ready to start anew. (Just like Spring!)

4/16/08, 12:41 AM  

omg, I NEED so many things....and I agree that you must surrender to experience the moment. It's very hard to do.

4/16/08, 10:15 AM  

This post mirrors the feelings I've been having for some time. Simplicity is my hearts desire these days, and I'm moving toward it. This post truly spoke to me.

4/24/08, 8:52 AM  

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