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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call Me Crazy...

So Michael and I are celebrating another anniversary soon. We've known each other over 21 years. That's more than half of his life...and almost half of mine.

I decided to shake things up a bit. Even though my husband teases me about certain "enhancements' that might be nice..I'm sure he doesn't want to send me in for an overhaul..yet.

This Christmas,I bought him a cheesy Sports Illustrated desk calender..flip a different bikini bimbo for each day. He hemmed and hawed. Our girls nearly threw up...However..The calender did somehow make it to his desk...and miraculously, seems always to be on the current day. huh. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

In a middle aged act of lunacy, I set up a photo shoot...you know the ones I'm talkin about...and yesterday was the day to be VAMPED.

Smoke and mirrors..and one shot for each pose...I smell disaster brewing. Below is one shot I took of my self when I got home. The photographer in me couldn't help but check out the paint I had on my face..through my own lens.I was even sporting fake eyelashes! I think I looked like Elsie the cow. I did not replicate the wardrobe....

I have a funny feeling this will have a more comic effect than I had intended(though down deep..I think I knew it would end up funny). But I must say, every woman deserves to do this once. Believe me, when they are twisting you like a pretzel..telling you to arch your back MORE, you certainly realize that the SEXY of this, is pure fantasy...This profound truth comes to you,as you begin to sweat as you balance on one foot and point your other toe.

But the plan is, that when Michael leaves on his trips..he can take a little of me with him to keep him company. I was hoping for warm and fuzzy..OK maybe even a little hot...But in "hind"sight(snort)..I may just make him giggle..and remind him that he's married to a nut..whose trying really hard to balance on her toes....

I'll keep you posted.
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Oh, you are so mistaken if you think the results will be comic. So. Very. Very. Wrong.

You're brilliant, bold, fierce, and beautiful and this anniversary present is bound to remind him what a sexy woman you are, inside and out.

My husband and his Victorian manners would be mortified if I gave him those types of photos. *I* bought a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue once and he gave me the Why Don't You Behave Like June Cleaver Look.


3/28/08, 9:51 AM  

This reminds me of Goldy Hawn...No, maybe of her daughter, What's-her-name....

3/28/08, 1:51 PM  

Oh yeah. Kate Hudson. Gads, my whole brain is disintegrating here.

Fun picture!

3/28/08, 1:55 PM  

Great idea, Wendy, and a lovely sentiment - hope he appreciates it.

I did something similar for my ex-wife many years ago, dressing up in my fireman's uniform, various poses - unfortunately, she preferred to snuggle up with a bottle of scotch than with me.

Oh well, her loss. :-)

3/28/08, 4:37 PM  

Yep I immediately saw Goldie Hawn too - in her younger days. Great idea - he'll be the envy of his workmates!

3/28/08, 8:28 PM  

i think you are absolutely
adorable in this....
and there will be no
good for you for doing this!

3/28/08, 10:04 PM  

You look like a total slut. In a good way, though.

3/28/08, 10:05 PM  


3/29/08, 9:21 AM  

(snort) --that's for neil, not for you, babydoll!

3/29/08, 9:24 AM  

I prefer taudry wench! You look great! Love the calendar idea--may have to try something like that myself.

3/30/08, 4:58 PM  

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