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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleep and Teeth...

Oddly enough this is firmiliar territory for the medicated mind. I often dream of my teeth. Falling out. I know that Freud has something interesting to say on the subject....But for me it's pretty typical dream fodder.

The more humourous teeth and sleep tie in..would be the fact.. That I am always "asleep" when I get my teeth worked on. Extreemly dental phobic. So when its a little work..I have a lot of nitros. But when its a lot of work..I have alot of nitros and that trippy mind erasor drug..Halcyon. Sleepy time she comes...

Except, they call it conscious sedation. Which only means my mouth does not stop...and since we all know that my MIND NEVER SLEEPS... I end up saying things.

Uncensored things. About how cute my denist is..at least I think I did. Great.

I really don't remember much. However, I have a hazy recollection of him commenting to the assistant.. how nice and low my blood pressure was...until he came into the room.. I believe that may have been when I told him...it was because he was a HOTTIE. Wonderful.

Now, it's quite possible that I did nothing more than snore and gurgle...but this time I think I may have proof that I crossed some line. I saw my dentist...up at the receptionists desk, as I waited to be picked up by my daughter.

I DO remember him saying... "Don't worry...you didn't say anything embarrassing."

Evidently, there is quite a vocal kitten...living in this shy girl.

Inhibited. This just may be a word I need to have subconciously tattooed upon my filthy mind. Perhaps that,along with the purchase of a muzzle..for use when I am all but out of my mind. Then and only then...it may be safe to go back to the dentist.

(posted late for the Sunday Scribbling prompt.. Sleep..or Teeth...And since I used both..I believe I deserve extra credit!)
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i loved this...
so funny.


i hate going to the dentist, too.

2/19/08, 5:06 AM  

I think you better find an ugly dentist! :)

2/19/08, 9:33 AM  

I have dreamed of my falling out. What is it Freud says? Lately, every night, I dream of tidal waves, being in a brick lighthouse, watching out a window as the wave comes crashing. Once, inside the wave there was a sea monster....

I think two little pieces of my tooth have chipped off. I may consider seeing a dentist. Maybe....

2/19/08, 9:46 AM  

See? My "teeth" in the first line of my comment seem to have fallen out.

But aren't you always super glad to wake up and find your teeth are still in place!

2/19/08, 9:49 AM  

I say enough embarrassing things without the aid of drugs. I almost never drink at parties because I cannot afford to lose an inch of self control.

2/19/08, 11:15 PM  

Dentists. Nasty cruel sadistic torturers! Funny post though!

2/20/08, 5:35 PM  

ha! this is hilarious! i'll never forget being on a morphine pump right after my son was born...man if i could have that pump all the time not only would i be a lot more relaxed about life but i would definitely be a lot more honest...

2/21/08, 1:11 PM  

I have had the conscious sedation too and evidentally I entertained everyone. I even convinced my friend that I was OK to drive.

2/21/08, 11:25 PM  

I sometimes worry that I've said out loud the things I think. I'll remember to skip the sedation at the dentist. Although, my dentist is not only not cute, but is kind of rude and I don't like him at all. Maybe a bit of honesty is just what I need. :)

2/24/08, 6:26 PM  

I'll be having conscious sedation done here in a week during a dental procedure so I did a quick blog search on the subject, up popped your blog.

Your post made me laugh and seriously try to convince my husband and myself that, hey, I don't need my impacted wisdom teeth removed because I? I am a talker and I cannot imagine what's going to come out of my mouth. Embarrassing moment at the dentist way out weighs my fear of impacted teeth.

Hilarious post!

3/13/08, 11:32 PM  

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