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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Too Quiet....Even for me.....

So I'm not going to be able to figure this whole "life tipping over on it's head thing" in one month or one year. Probably not even one life time. Time to put my good ole' medicated face back up...

and rejoin the blogging race.

Below find an interview experiment, as proposed by my serious blog crush Neil. He's never "freaking out"..and going all silent. He just lets his penis talk for him in times of stress...But a girl can only hear "Please!!!!" so many times...

Still when his big head takes over..as it always does..Neil always manages to come up wwith some great, community affirming ideas. He rocks. His penis tries...as all peni do.

So Lisa was assigned by random comment order to interview me. Poor child....

You are 5 feet tall. In what ways do you use your height to your benefit?

My height makes me approachable. I appear to be a very non threatening person. This puts people at ease. Then, I pounce like a tiger. No, seriously, I think its a definite advantage to be underestimated.

What uncomfortable topic can you talk about most truthfully? (on or off your blog)

I'm trying to think of a topic that I am uncomfortable with......I'm pretty comfortable talking about anything..at this stage of the game. Perhaps depression...perhaps having a disability...

What comfortable topic do you love to lie about?

Being late. The real reason is often very boring...so I have been known to embellish just a bit.

The real reason is usually leaving to little time...and expecting traffic to part like the Red Sea before me.

What's your best false excuse for being late that you can think of?

Like the coward I am...the dogs most often get the blame....and usually I'm rehashing something that actually did happen....once!

If you had to rename your dogs, what names would you select?Well...Zoey the white Jack Russell...would be Beanie. Zeus....the Black Jack Russell..would be Bear....Lola the Golden would be Killer (don't ask)...and Mia the Saint Bernard would be Lugger.

What was the first poem you memorized?

I have memorized very few..if any poems. Instead phrases stick in my head....Maybe Bah Bah Black sheep....Have you any wool?.....

Do you have a catch phrase? (Something you find yourself saying very often)
Not really..but I do say "perhaps" more than the average person I suppose.

What phrase or saying drives you crazy?

In emails "lol". I laugh out loud often....but never at the places (they) would....and "she was like..he was like...I was like..." I have teenaged daughters.

Do you find you pick up on the language habits of your daughters?
I've said "up in my grill" a couple times for comic effect....and "deal e o..." for a chuckle.

I also went to an all girls high school. Do you look back on those days fondly? Do you think your single gender high school experience shaped you?

Hum. Yes and no. It resembled a very pricey piranha tank at times. I got a great education..academically..and socially. I became acutely aware that I do not belong in the white upper class...I actually am very suspicious of this stratosphere..even today. I have one or two good friends from those days..the rest was folly. I did grow to greatly respect the power of the female mind during these years. Women are so damn smart.

Who is the most intelligent woman you know?

Face to actual face...at the moment...my daughter. She has the passion of youth..and an un-quenchable drive to learn. But all of my friends are clever.

Anybody who reads your blog probably begins to paint a picture of you and your life in their head. What do you think the most common misconception about you is? In what ways do you feel misrepresented?

Well, I have only met one blogger..face to face...and that would be our own Neil... He said he expected me to dress in black and have a dark demeanor....Instead he found me much lighter than he thought I would be. I am actually described as bubbly an awfully lot. On my blog, I reveal I am shy. In person, people never think I am. There are always two sides to any penny.

What is the most frivolous thing about you?

So many. I am a very very ditzy girl. Really..I think frivolous is a judgment...but I do like pretty bras...and boots...Both of which are completely unnecessary to collect.

Pretty things turn my head. But when it comes to the real things in life. I like true and deep. What I have in my life doesn't need to be big...just real.

PS... My spell checker..is on the blitz...and Yes...I DO spell that badly.
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YEAAAAAA! GOod job, too!


2/4/08, 9:10 AM  

It's a relief to read your words again. And your interview is charming.

2/4/08, 9:43 PM  

Great interview! I hope to read more from you soon.

2/5/08, 10:09 AM  

I loved reading this. These were super questions and great answers.
Are you up to interviewing anyone??

2/5/08, 1:10 PM  

'up in my grill'???...that's a new one for me...

2/6/08, 1:05 PM  

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