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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some News

Ya know how they say that no news is good news? Well, I have news. Ergo: bad in nature.

No one wants bad news during the holidays. We all would like to act as if we are protected by this bubble of Christmas cheer. Unbreakable.

Now, I am not one to break bubbles. I am a big supporter of fairy dust and windward wishes. But sometimes reality comes bearing a long sharp stick.

In this case, that stick is pointed right at my dear sweet horse, Roux. You remember him..The leaper of ditches, the jumper of oxers, the dancer of dressage?

Well, he is one seriously sick puppy right now. He is out of the woods critically speaking..but his jumping days may be over. So,in a strange way, this season has given it's own gift to me..however wrapped in ugly, as it is.

The gift? I remember, that I love this horse, for WHO he is, not just what he does for me. Watching him take very painful steps, when he was once light and quick on his feet, reminds me to savour the next time, if there is a next time, I get to ride on his broad back..even if it is just down the trail.

He showed me today in his stall, the same thing he has shown my during competition in the field many, many times. He is a trooper. I have made him as comfortable as possible. Even drugged, he nickers to me. I have been forbidden to give him any treats with sugar in them...so I got him sugar free peppermints. He knows they are not the same...but he takes them any way.

His life has changed. My life has changed. But, through the bitter and the sweet...He will remain my brave Rouxby..and I will always be his girl.
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I'm so sorry. I used to ride horses, my daughter had one and my friends still have horses ... it's almost like every day is a blessing with them because things can change so fast.

Good luck in getting your boy back to health and have a lovely Christmas.

12/23/07, 8:28 AM  

Lovely horse, Wendy, and I hope he recuperates quickly.

A very merry Christmas to you and yours.


12/23/07, 4:43 PM  

Oh Wendy, he is a gorgeous boy and you sit him beautifully.

I hear sweet nickers and feel those soft chin whiskers. That he takes those sugar-free treats just about broke my heart. Okay. It did. No, my heart swole.

What a fella. Hugs to you both~


And huge thanks for your thoughts for me, too.

12/23/07, 6:44 PM  

I will never be a girl! Still, I have baked a poetry cake for baby Jesus for this time of year.

12/24/07, 7:51 AM  

Oh Wendy, my heart aches for you. It is horrible to see an animal suffer, especially one we have an intense bond with, who trusts us with who they are, believes in us.

I am glad he is still with you to love and cherish. I hope one day you'll both be riding high...

12/25/07, 3:11 AM  

I'm so sorry. Loyal friends are hard to come by. I'm glad he's out of the woods.

12/27/07, 3:07 PM  

How sad for your dear horse. But you're right, he's your special horse, whether he jumps or not!

1/18/08, 10:24 AM  

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