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Friday, November 23, 2007

An Explaination

A good blog friend told me recently, that my blog template was boring.So here's a change. Though I fear equally ho humish. If any of you know how to get those cool custom ones you sport..I'm all ears.

My profile picture looks like I have been medicated. I like that.

Our Thanksgiving went well..just the four of us...out last one before Rach is off to college. Look at this picture.. It's official..they are grown up..not all grown..but close.

Let me know what you think.
posted by wendy at 2:43 PM


I think it looks great!

(I'm here for the writing, truth be told, and will stay for the writing, no matter how the template looks.)

(P.S. You all have the best smiles.)

11/23/07, 8:45 PM  

Finally. Now the template looks as good as you.

11/23/07, 10:28 PM  

What are ya on, friend? I'd like som a that! Whatever, it looks great on you!

Your girls are lovely, as is your new do on the blog.

11/24/07, 10:42 AM  

Ditto on all the above.


11/24/07, 6:40 PM  

Great new blog look. And your old look's pretty damn hot too! Your girls do you proud. A t'riffic trio.

11/24/07, 10:02 PM  

She says "medicated" like it's a bad thing...

That's a great photo of you and the girls.

Oh yeah, and the green blog template is lively and outdoorsy like you.

11/26/07, 4:46 AM  

Gorgeous picture of you and your girls.



11/26/07, 12:30 PM  

It's a nice change. I like it. (Photo of you three is lovely.) And I *love* the caption for the bio picture. Cute *&* cynical! :-) !

I don't know how to customize Blogger, either. I think loading a new picture or graphic for the header is supposed to be "easy"...but I've never tried it. I think Jessica at 9 to 5 said something about that on her blog when she made some major changes a while back.

11/27/07, 7:21 AM  

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