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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Evoke Something for God's Sake!!

Way back when, I wanted to be an actress. Passing phase lasting two years of college.
I realized what I really loved, were the words. To this day a well written screenplay, or a bit of dialog, gives me the shivers.

Back in acting class, we used sense memory a fair bit. You know, painful memory..OK, now what did it smell like taste like sound like. Rarely ever were we to remember what it looked like...as looks can be deceiving.

I wrote this a bit ago..but it seems to fit today's prompt.

I'm a tad distracted, as I am getting ready to go on a weekend "boot camp" style training session at the Lake shore Olympic Training Facility. The image of a lab rat pops to mind. They have this contraption called the Bod Pod Sounds fun huh?...I go into testing right after a 16 year old girl friend...FAN bloody TASTIC!!

Ah well, to late to exorcise my ass now.. And by this I mean expel demons..Not the other dirty connotation...

Anyway, Enjoy the poem..I hope I don't falter in my poem a day quest. Does "I'm a big fat blob; next to a stick thin teen"....qualify as poetry?? May have to suffice.

Swirl our senses...make it different. In my case...led by my nose.....

Rinse, Repeat

Who knew
that you were
lurking in
an over the top
bright pink bottle
of price reduced shampoo
from aisle four?

Not me.
That's for sure!

I was just
innocently dirty,
naked wet.
My face in steam
eyes closed
reaching out
blindly, by touch.

It took only
a squeezed second
for memory to reach me.
It was too late.
Already I had tangled you
with my fingers into my hair.
Through my scalp.
Down my spine.
You stopped deep
within, the deep
within I had forgotten.

I could not tell
if the pain
was my heart
or just my eyes.
I rinsed
my face
my hair
my mind.
I prayed to
send you down
the drain.

I failed.

Sure, I came out,
clean in the end.
But now,I can not
help but smell you
-each time
I turn my head.

You are nowhere
that I can see,
yet everywhere
I must breathe.

wlf 10:15 pm

(originally posted September 27, 2006 for Poetry Thursday)

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posted by wendy at 11:33 AM


Love it!

11/8/07, 1:07 PM  

Ahh, I love this...the power of smell to evoke memories and emotion is overwhelming at times!

11/8/07, 2:38 PM  


and your question about does that qualify as poetry - absolutely!

11/8/07, 3:42 PM  

Yeah- I just get a lot of questions when I listen to the universe, but I am learning to live with that.

11/9/07, 6:57 AM  

I have given you a Lion's roar! Come on over and see.

11/9/07, 11:55 AM  

tangled in your hair.

Love the way it suggests that old song from the musical South Pacific where the singer "washes that man right out her hair."

11/9/07, 11:58 AM  

That's all it takes: one little sniff! You captured it perfectly! Love your writing! ~Linda

11/9/07, 6:07 PM  

Yes, indeed, a fine take, rueful & humorous, on hair-washing the lover away!

11/10/07, 12:25 AM  

Wendy, this was wonderful and fun. We've all suffered this at one time or another, which is why I guess this strikes home so squarely. I can't think of a worse place, than naked in the shower, for the memory of an old love to come pouring forth. Unscrewed - then screwed!
Love it.

11/10/07, 8:56 AM  

The way a smell sends the memory reeling back 'n' back through that tunnel of time!

11/12/07, 12:15 AM  

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