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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just The Blind Leading The Blind

I must have missed the part of the divine conversation, where I get all the answers. Knowing me, I was busy talking about some cute boy..or worrying about my hair. Skip forward 25 years or so...and I'm worrying about my wrinkles..and the lack of skirt Maggie trotted off to school today wearing.

Still no answers carved into stone for me.

Companion Animal

Finding myself alone,I watch
the dog as she tans herself.
Almost winter,she follows the sun.

But I am wrong. She is clearly
searching, and so moves again to
sigh long into the pillows of my

husbands smell;his breath, his hair.
She curls around his last worn t-shirt.
She,at least, is grateful that I take no

issue, letting sleeping dogs lie,
on discarded dirty clothes.Somehow,
they always seem to make their way

to the hamper, but I feel no pressing
need to assist them. Let them rest where
he was.She settles, finally, reassured

That he is hers in scent. she exsist a the
space of his lingering memory, of his promised
return. I know he is mine,though, I know it

more vaguely.

wlf 10:46
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I'm sure you don't have enough wrinkles to worry about. My dogs love to lay around on my bed with me. One sleeps in the curve of my knees, the other gets down when my husband comes in. We all smell like each other!

11/7/07, 5:02 PM  

My fathers dog throws herself onto his pillows like she's trying to absorb him.

Love this!

11/7/07, 8:14 PM  

That's a lovely portrait. A good way to use the theme of smell too.

11/12/07, 12:16 AM  

Good god, this is fabulous.

(I came back from 10-day trip to Texas and towel-covered pillows on my side of the bed. Then there's the cats. I love my king-size bed.)

11/13/07, 8:47 PM  

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