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Thursday, November 01, 2007

So, A Poem A Day.....

Huh. The minute this becomes real today...I clam up. Not so great under pressure.

So I'll act as if there is no pressure.

OK..no pressure....I thought the prompt for Totally Optional Prompts was "Quotes". I mis read it. I mis read a lot, which leads to some interesting interpretations of poems and things.. like I have said before, there is more than a little Emily Litella in me...."Never Mind...."

So anyway..I think I'll offer this mashup..Look at me getting all techie with my bad self...Mash up being a fusion between what i mis took as the prompt: Quotes and what really is and/or was the prompt Work.

Off the top of my head..and reaaaaaaallly stretching for this one....


She lines up the
glasses in straight
rows, clean edge
next to clean
edge. As if to

She settles the
spoons, wiping
stray spots with a
rag, next to the
forks. As if to

The sound of the
cupboard door
shutting against
the frame

Thank God for
superior workmanship
and tight hinges.

She checks her
reflection in
the steel, but not
so stainless,

Convex and curved,
it is not as she
remembers. She bends
to squint. Stops
instead. Thinks,
"Perhaps I just
imagined it
differently." Even

so, she is tidy. He
will be pleased by
her performance.
Stirred simply
by the buttons
on her blouse,
fixed firmly shut.
Nothing missed
or eschew. He
likes her best
well behaved.

Well behaved women
seldom make history.

wlf 3:33

"Well behaved women, seldom make history." Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

I had first thought this was a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt..but I was wrongly informed. Ms Ulrich is a professor at Harvard.

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posted by wendy at 1:29 PM


well if you had said nothing,, i would have been none the wiser.. i think you did an awesome job on this!!!!!

11/1/07, 4:11 PM  

Thank god for tight hinges! LOL. Wendy, your poetry always makes me think (and wonder!) Are all of the buttons really buttoned?

11/1/07, 5:06 PM  

Yes, tight hinges, and buttons ... fixed firmly shut. Quite a bit to think on here, thanks.

11/1/07, 10:27 PM  

I am so freakin tired of buttons--tired, tired, tired of the way they nail my life shut. Think tight hinges on a casket. That's how I feel.

F**k Doris Day fantasies. I want to unbutton my pie hole and BREATHE.

Um, is this a poem? Almost. : )

11/2/07, 3:34 PM  

nice irony

11/5/07, 7:42 AM  

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