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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Random Reflections in the Apple Store

They opened an Apple Store closer to my house. This is good only in that I don't have to drive so far to buy replacement parts for the various IPODS in my family...or to have some arrogant techie nerd wipe their memory for me..so I can start again.

These people are like pushers really. Pushers become much loved by their fiend clientele. They hold power by the balls.

Ya, know it all started innocently enough, with the children. Maggie was the first to NEEEEEED an Ipod. Had to be an Ipod..no "no name" mp3 player. She wanted the whole enchilada. Then Rach,followed. Soon I was having whole conversations with them...getting no response. I perfected my crisp picking pinch, grabbing at white wires embedded in my girls ears. I had to repeat myself endlessly.

Really they were starting to look like robots. Devil spawn.

Then Christmas came. What harm, to get Michael a shuffle? He's constantly air born, and tethered to his laptop. He has always declared he is not a "gadget guy". He protested too much, I fear. I soothed his fears, "Hon, it's only $79..give it a try...you'll like it" as I placed the earpods lovingly in his ears. With a sly smile and a lingering kiss on his cheek, I pumped Red Hot Chili Peppers into his virgin canals. He was hooked.

I was the last hold out. But, now this is really sort of comical...The clippy feature of the shuffle got me. I ride what are called "Freestyles" or "Kurs" for dressage...horses and music..sometimes referred to as "Dancing with Horses". The fact I could clip the shuffle to my belt..and not have to worry about it falling of during a canter transition...finally the siren call to which I succumbed..strange huh?..

Thus started my addiction. First, I noticed that dishes got done a lot less painlessly with the Dixie Chicks singing sweetly of More Love and Top of Worlds. OK..Then, when my daughters decided to go at each other like wild kingdom...I could just let Bruce take me by the hand and I was off down Thunder Road. Cool. Plus, my hybrid has a docking station. Neat. Don't worry, I told my self naively, I'm am still in control...See, I was really an infant when it came to the technology. I'd simply copy my cd's onto my little tiny hardrive....

But then Maggie turned me on to itune's. Game over.I was lost.

All this became crystal clear yesterday..when tail between my legs, I wandered back into the apple store to buy YET ANOTHER stupid docking station...bastard..as mine is on the fritz..again..(AND no, my foot smashing it into the carpet..had nothing to do with it, thank you very much!!!).

I tried to live without it for a whole month..charging my little shuffle, whenever Michael was home and he was always gone soooo long....but I couldn't take it anymore. I was Jonesing in a bad way...

Only once I was there, did I see the real evil.The much publicised GATEWAY effect. For, while waiting for the pompous 20 year old "clerk"..oh, I am so sorry, "SPECIALIST"... to ring my purchase into his handheld gizmo..my eye DID happened to wander over to the new shiny LAVENDER shuffle..ooOOH, how pretty..and look at this new Nano..wafer thin....well..throw in an Itunes card...It's been such a long time since mama's got some new tunes...just a few new tunes..

Lord, how I am in need of an intervention......
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I have the hot pink nano that the hubs bought for me for my birthday. I was slow to get started with it and now can't live without it. I was so into music in my younger years but got out of the habit of listening to it once I had kids. Now I'm always plugged in and music inspires everything I do again.

10/27/07, 4:19 PM  

I don't have an Ipod. (All my kids do, and my 11-year-old granddaughter has one of the cheaper noname ones that only holds 30 (I think) songs.) And yes, last night I had a whole conversation with my son Pix (not his real name) before I realized that he was plugged in, and didn't hear a word I said....

My 4th son, Deadboy (not his real name) is the one who introduced all his brothers to the Two Gallants. So now the youngest son has something to listen to besides the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and Radiohead.

Loved this post. And thanks for the link. Oh, and I took my eighty-two year old friend to lunch and a movie today. We were going to go see Across the Universe, but went instead to Lars and the Real Girl, which was sad and funny and sweet and uplifting...after seeing Gone Baby Gone last week. After last week's movie, she said she felt like she'd been royally f**ked over, so we opted for something lighter.

10/27/07, 6:13 PM  

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