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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Across The Universe - Trailer

posted by wendy at 9:51 AM


i saw this a couple weekends ago with a dear friend/fellow beatles lover...it was so good!

10/24/07, 12:20 PM  

I wrote you a l o n g thing yesterday about the Beatles and when we were in NYC on the anniversary of John's death, and Central Park crowds, etc, and while I went to get the ringing phone, the kid erased it all and I didn't have the whatever to do it over....

Anyway, I have been planning to see this one. Maybe I will go with my son, who is a HUGE Beatles fan.

10/25/07, 9:43 AM  

Oh, and by the way, I like seeing your pictures!

10/25/07, 9:46 AM  

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