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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Caught By Surprise

Every first snow catches me unaware. Unaware that it is past the middle of October. All bets are off...Fall colors are still turning from green to gold. But nothing delays a storm. The Snow Falls. I am not ready. It makes no difference at all.

I could write almost the same caption for this pic of Rach and I. I have known all the seasons of her life. I've seen them all come and go. Yet still, when each moment is observed, I am unaware of the wind. A storm is brewing. A door blows open. A door slams shut. Unaware that it is past the middle of my life, perhaps. All bets are off. I am not ready. Again, it makes no difference at all.

In the midst of these the captions of my life, every once in a while, I look beyond my own nose...to notice some drama detailed in nature..like the little spent aster, on my porch, left too long unattended. I was unaware it's pod had burst open...or that Her seeds had been caught by the wind.I had missed that quiet act of creation.. Though just yesterday, I became aware. She finally, caught my eye: after so much blooming and blooming, after so much unnoticed effort. I noticed. She looks as tired as I feel.

Yet,for today She is perfectly spent. She is dressed in crystals, in a crown of minute glory. It looks too heavy,impossible really, for Her to bear. Still She bows Her head and She bears it..Beauty bending in royal surrender.Keenly aware, knowing this season makes no matter at all. She has weathered the storm. The storm will rage on. She will rage on. She is ready.

I am ready.
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Aww. So beautiful ... Thanks for brightening my spring!

10/22/07, 2:21 AM  

We're ready--because we have to be. We're ready--because our lives have carried us to this moment. We're ready because the season *will* change, and we'll change to, eyes open or eyes shut.

10/22/07, 3:11 AM  

Great post, wonderful pictures! Yeah, it finally snowed here, too, but now it is gone (except for the mountains). The kids were excited, and ran outside in their bare feet.

I am ready...I suppose. What else can I be? The leaves are still turning, and falling. It is COLD this morning! Brrrrrrrrr!

10/22/07, 1:26 PM  

PS Her crown of ice is as beautiful as your tiara of diamonds. The two match almost perfectly....

10/22/07, 1:32 PM  

This is definitely a prose poem! Nicely done! I don't normally enjoy reading them but this one captured my interest right away and held it.

10/22/07, 2:56 PM  

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