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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ho Ho....Hum

I've just returned from a trip to San Francisco to go Christmas Shopping. I just wasn't feeling it.

I have time, right....to catch the holiday spirit?

What do I give my daughter for her last Christmas as a child? Next year..she will be off to college, 18...and away....

What do I give my other daughter for her journey through High School? I have looked and looked for a magic mirror..to show her the true beauty she contains. It eludes me. All I find are cheap knock offs.

What do I give my husband, that I haven't already given? I wish I could give him my restlessness, my un ease. But again, I only seem to find disguises..and false smiles painted with great sparkly lip gloss..

What would I give to myself....That I would not be afraid to unwrap?
posted by wendy at 9:25 AM


Wow, that's quite the honest post there. Sigh.

Hope the spirit catches you, and you have lots of merry.

12/4/07, 1:36 PM  

Why not some Aston Martins? ...a gift that would keep on giving every time they put the key into the ignition.

12/4/07, 8:20 PM  

I just KNEW you had been somewhere fun!

12/4/07, 8:20 PM  

I know the feeling of being hungry to give what can't be given...


12/5/07, 7:08 AM  

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