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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's all Hearts and Flowers

This morning I got up and tip toed downstairs to confront my husband's mistress. She lay patiently waiting for him...and got me instead. I was glad to find her turned off. (She scares me when she is turned on.)

In as much of an act of defiance..as much as love...I placed my token of affection on her well worn keys...and retreated back up stairs, where I waited. And waited. And...you get the idea.

Finally, patience never being my strong suit, I went back down those stairs..to find my wayward husband.

He had moved my lavender valentine,simple though it may be, unopened, from his beloved computer...and was checking his email, instead.

I swear if she could talk to me..SHE would have sighed...as he stroked her lovingly with his fingers...

"That's MISTRESS one... Wife Wendy..a big ZERO!"

Ah...love. Well Happy Valentines Day anyway....
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Happy Valentine's Day!

2/14/08, 1:18 PM  

Hey Wendy-
I'd love to talk to you more about your comments about my bisexual post- email me: labyrinthseeker1@yahoo.com and we can talk. I will say a few things here:

-I honestly still don't know if I "believe" in bisexuality either. Or if there was bisexuality, what that would mean (ie: some people might be "100%" straight at one point in their lives, then "100%" gay, etc; others might be 50/50 most of their lives, but be able to live "without one" (ie: monogamously); others might truly need both (ie: not be able to be monagomous without feeling unhappy). Regardless of the scientific explanation for it, I can tell you that I prefer the label gay woman (even now, if forced, I would probably give that label over others)- but the people I have been attracted to has changed as I've grown.

-I miss being with women socially and the social environment, subculture, etc of being gay. I miss the ease that exists in same-sex relationships (ie: my ex and I could spend an entire day talking about what color to paint our walls and that was a great way to spend the weekend), that doesn't seem to exist in hetero relationships (at least this one- some of the differences I perceive in this relationship I attribute to our different genders). But do I miss the sex? Hmmm..not specifically. I still look at women and think they are hot. Sometimes I wish I was still dating women. But I don't "miss" being with them because I'm with someone whom I love and with whom I have great sex. If it wasn't great- maybe I would miss it, who knows?

Email me if you want to chat more...I'm happy to talk about it!

2/15/08, 12:11 PM  

hahahaha! i love the way you tell a story. i had a very similar experience. i couldn't get mine away from the computer long enough to eat valentine's dinner with me. my son and i went on to the restaurant, ordered, ate, and he eventually showed up to eat his cold meal and warm beer...

2/15/08, 3:18 PM  

Ah, the perfect illustration of what it's like to be on the backburner of your spouse's life.

I've been left there, like a charred pot nobody wants to scrub, and yes, I've put my husband there to simmer while I pursued other passions.

Valentine's Day is not for the long married....

2/16/08, 4:17 AM  



sadly, that computer thing
goes both ways in our house...

2/16/08, 4:21 AM  

I guess he made up for it? I like happy endings!
We don't 'do' Valentines so I guess it saves let downs.

2/18/08, 3:16 AM  

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