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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Twister....

It is snowing again in Colorado. No big surprise here, and yet again I find myself just that. Surprised.

At just how cold the cold is. At how my body all but gasps when the chill hits my cheeks. The cold has gone right through me this winter, with no regard to the many layers I don to shield myself. They seem as substantial as a paper pin-the-tail donkey.

For, just as the javelin in a joust..this damn winter continues to find home, hitting it's sweet spot with uncanny accuracy, knocking me to the ground handily...(which by the way, is really quite hard, when all iced over.)

I've reached that day in winter. That day you begin to think you just imagined the spring. When you begin to remember spring nostalgically..like a childhood memory or a long lost love. You add extra hue to the colors, you embellish the taste and the smell. In losing faith that spring will come, you start to make the memory of it, just a bit more grand, than it ever was actually.

That's where I am now. Not in Kansas anymore..I mean Colorado. I have hopped a twister to Oz. In this dream,in this version, green is not merely Emerald, it is way beyond Emerald. This green is the green of creation. Yet, instead of being the deep muddy moss of primordial ooze, it's so much deeper..It is iridescent, like a peacock feather, holding every color within its shade.

Yet it is still GREEN.

Home calls me back. Home. Where the heart is. No place like home. Home at the moment is a charcoal painting..of grey and white and wheaty tan...a monochromatic blend of chill and shudder. Not a speck of Emerald to be found anywhere.

Emerald is hibernating. It's hiding. Still, each morning, I ring my eyes carefully in purple, to coax out the green in them. It's time to stop sleeping. Time, even to stop dreaming....

It's Time to start living again. I'm Off to see the Wizard.
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It's been a cold winter, even here, but this icy place you live is far colder than I can imagine.

I hope you see a speck of green soon, to soothe your eyes and soul.

2/5/08, 12:53 PM  

February is a hard, hard month.

Not so cold here as endlessly gray, windy, rainy. The gray I can take, the rain I tolerate, but the wind, the wind sucks my soul out and leaves me a shell. It howls, it moans, it makes endless jittery noise, and I just can't stand it.

Soon I'll leave Belgium and be in Virginia for the spring, beautiful but volatile, full of storms...

2/6/08, 7:38 AM  

i too am so ready for spring...it keeps toying with me...we'll have a nice, warm sunfilled day in the 60s/70s and then it will drop back into the teens/20s...make up your mind already!!!!

ps--glad to see you posting again...i've missed your yummy, yummy words!

2/6/08, 1:02 PM  

I’ve tagged you with a totally optional poetry meme:a 10 x 10 poem. Hope you don’t mind. And feel free to ignore it if it doesn’t spark you!

2/9/08, 10:30 PM  

Hey you! You seem to have a case of the blues for green. Hope the green startles itself into action soon your end of the planet. Whereas at my end, I sense a leaf-mould-mushroomy autumnal tinge in the air - some leaves drooping a little ... it's all as inevitable as time ticking away one second at a time.
But I don't want to get too morbid. There's got to be something worth celebrating. ???
Thinking of you in snowy Colorado.

2/11/08, 2:45 AM  

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