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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick...Before It Ends....

Before the month of February ends...even though,it is sporting an extra day this year...I wish my lovely Michael...a happy 40th Birthday! FINALLY!!

We went up to the mountains and frolicked a bit.

I must remember to frolic more often.

PS..The kid with the braces holding onto my blond haired daughter...is not a son I never told you about.... No...It's Maggies boyfriend. Is there a story there? You bethcha. Am I allowed to tell? UM, no. Parent::Child privilege. Sorry.

PSS...oops..Seems my blonde haired daughter..though covered with a pink beanie..is the one cluthching him..Go figure! The other boys are some of my many nephews..These two I especially adore. One is the picture of sweetness.. and the other..well lets just say I call him Nanuk...oh..how he cracks me up!
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I can just hear the giggles and chortles and gusty / gutsy laughter - what fun! What a handsome lot. A lovely family, and hangers-on, for sure! :)

2/28/08, 10:09 PM  

frolic is good.


2/29/08, 5:29 AM  

Indeed. Frolic IS good.

Click on the pictures, folks, you'll feel like you are THERE! Wendy, you're as beautiful as ever....

2/29/08, 11:58 AM  

PS Happy Birthday to Michael!

2/29/08, 12:02 PM  

Good vibrations....

3/3/08, 2:20 AM  

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