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Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm A Good Girl...I Am....

Again I am the short one in the middle.

I had never seen My Fair Lady staged before. Of course, I have seen the movie several times. My girls may disagree, but I think it still plays very well.

The themes are timeless.

**Appearances, while perhaps deceiving...do count.

**Our language, and ability to speak correctly, effects us more than we are aware...

**And yet...for all the demands for conformity, it is the unique essence of our selves and souls...that ultimately melt the hearts of those who truly love us.

My memento of the evening?...A baby pink T shirt..maybe a bit too tight....that proudly states..."I AM A GOOD GIRL...I AM!" For me, more of a reminder to self..than a declaration!
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AS IF...you needed any reminders that you are a girl...! (And a good one, at that!).

Cute picture, Shorty.

4/11/08, 4:39 PM  

I like that the t-shirt is a little too tight. : )

4/12/08, 4:59 PM  

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