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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Giving in front of cameras bugs me. Sponsorship bugs me....Media coverage of Moms Saving the Planet bugs me.

What happened to sending in a check and asking to be listed as a "ANONYMOUS" donor?

Please shoot me if the day ever comes, when I have to be "styled" for my close up...as I go to my mulch pile... or recycle my glass bottles.

Please, please shoot me.
posted by wendy at 9:13 AM


Would write a long thoughtful comment but I have to put my makeup on first and scrunch my hair.


; )

4/17/08, 3:10 PM  


4/17/08, 3:22 PM  

Me too! The long lists of donors that accompany every request for even more money drive me nuts.

4/17/08, 9:07 PM  

You've highlighted very well the point that we live in a weirdly self-promoting world.

4/18/08, 5:14 PM  


...just kidding!

4/24/08, 12:57 PM  

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