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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She Re-Entered

and found the room empty.

Instead of feeling sad, she had to laugh. It was her grandest entrance. Strong. Steady, with no tripping at all.

The only one who saw it, was the one inside her head.

The one inside her head was ALWAYS the biggest critic of all. So maybe things were just as they were supposed to be.

She sat in the most comfortable chair in the room; kicked off her shoes and just waited for the dance to begin.

She was ready to dance.
posted by wendy at 9:47 PM


I hope the dance begins soon and she dances up a storm - or a dream ... whichever hits the right note.

5/22/08, 2:05 AM  

Things are exactly as they should be.

5/22/08, 11:03 AM  

Hurrah!....Shall we dance?

5/22/08, 11:46 AM  

I hope she dances even if no one ever sees.

5/26/08, 1:24 AM  

I love the feel of this, "she had to laugh" at the empty (looking) room.

Yay, you.

5/26/08, 12:34 PM  

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