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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aloha Spirit

The plane to the Big Island was late...tiny ..and smelly. Walking out on the tarmac, I noticed an older native woman wearing a lovely wreath. She boarded the plane, with her friend before I did. I found a seat behind my girls.

Just then a young boy came to sit down next to me, his dad right behind him. I could tell he was autistic by his blinking..( a sign of stress). He told me his dad said he had to sit next to me. His dad reassured him he would be right behind him.

I waited, made eye contact with the dad...and told him he could have my seat. I smiled at him so at the boy, so he knew everything was OK.

Sometimes God just clears the way.

This was how I found myself sitting across from the woman with the lovely head dress.
After chatting a bit,I found out that they had been celebrating her birthday in Honolulu. I complimented her on her wreath..which she had made herself. wow.

As the plane landed, her friend tapped me on the shoulder..and gave me the wreath. She placed it on my head...and said Aloha.

She fixed it just right ..."to compliment my beautiful eyes." I am sure that I blushed. I was really touched. A random act of kindness.

Sometimes God just clears the way.
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i love this.

6/10/08, 1:07 PM  

You look happy, you look beautiful! Let it be like this forever....

6/10/08, 3:10 PM  

...and just a little sunburned.

6/10/08, 3:12 PM  

I agree - you do look happy and beautiful and just a little ... sunkissed!!! :)

6/11/08, 2:28 AM  

Moments like this resonate with me and show me what *could* happen if we all paid attention to connecting with those around us, to really SEEING them.

And the photo? You look radiant, not sunkissed but joy-kissed.

6/12/08, 5:10 AM  

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