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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Body and Soul for Poerty Thursday

Must be in the air. Thinking about bodies. Maybe it's because we don't shed our leaves. Maybe fall is the season of taking stock. Seeing whats where. Noticing differences. Chief Biscuit is back. "As It Happens" on my Links. I love her poem about her body. Definately read it. Simple. Perfect.

Neil at Citizen of the Month is such a brave soul. He talks about Body...and size and fashion. A VERY ON THE BUS GUY...

View my post below and my big noggin head, left..to see I am in my b-day month...and at war with my self image.

So the poetry Goddesses at PT asked for an offering on Body. I spent all day at a pumpkin patch, with my special need triplets. So my mind is pumpkin pulp mush...but my fingers are willing. My lungs are breathing and my heart is beating...so I'll try to muster something..cause ..I want to PLAY TOO!!!!

Body and Soul

Straight down my back
half by half,
my body has always
been two parts
not one.

Two sides at war
yet somehow still in love
like complicated
siamese twins.
One pushy and strong
One desperate and bound

Spine in the middle
a gate of bone
a fence for flesh.
To divide the have
and have nots.
To protect the lies
keep out the truths.

Locked inside deep,
my soul bridges the gap.
Quiety waiting.
No prision song it sings.
This is not a trap.
Just one stop.
Just one skin.

It knows both sides.
Feels no need to argue
anyones point.

This body is nothing more
than an ill made suit.
sewed by a drunken tailor.
Merely a slipped seam.
It took only an instant
To drop that stitch
to lose the pattern.

No matter. All will mend.
The time will come,
(It is coming)
My soul knows,
as it settles in,
A costume
change is
written for
the next act.

wlf 4:53

Lets go to Poetry Thursday!


posted by wendy at 3:54 PM


I really enjoyed this poem! I loved the lines, "This body is nothing more
than an ill made suit." and "my soul bridges the gap", and the change of costume, so right..thanks..M

10/5/06, 5:37 PM  

I loved this Wendy! "my soul bridges the gap" is so dead on!

I was lazy today and write much better than today. I must remember first impressions. LOL


10/5/06, 6:51 PM  

Awwww ... I like your big noggin head photo. Such a beautiful smile.

And I love the poem. My favorite lines: "Spine in the middle
a gate of bone
a fence for flesh."

Great description, and the form really fits the words in the poem.

10/5/06, 9:05 PM  

Thanks for the call out!

Hey I really love that poem eh!

It describes perfectly the body - your perfect body - in all its imperfection (and tell me, who DOES have the perfect body? Even beautiful film stars have stand-in butts etc ;))

Beautifully done - See I said you were beautiful through and through - from your lovely face on through.

10/5/06, 10:01 PM  

Ditto what they all have said! And my favorite lines were the same as january's. Great work!

10/5/06, 10:24 PM  

Hey Wendy!!! I thought that was YOU! How's those horses of yours? I'm still wishing I wasn't allergic and had a couple of my own! xo *sigh*

10/5/06, 10:58 PM  

Hi Wendy,

Vey deep poem. I like the two parts of the poem about the two parts of the body and then the soul.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting and also at my other blog as Dewy.

10/6/06, 2:19 AM  

POW! this is my kind of poetry. ever walked halfway into a conversation and wanted to know how it began? wonderful, profound, intriguing, and individual!

10/6/06, 2:57 AM  

That was an amazing poem. You do a wonderful job of expessing in words the feelings you have concerning "the body."

10/6/06, 9:08 AM  

Wow. I love the feeling of conflict and how it itself conflicts with the feeling that you're at peace with it all. Wonderful expression!

10/6/06, 9:31 AM  

Hi Wendy.
This poem thoughtfully expresses the dichotomy of body/soul, the struggle to balance our need to be perfect with the acceptance of our imperfection. My favorite line: "This body is nothing more
than an ill made suit.
sewed by a drunken tailor." So true.

And thank you. I appreciate your wonderful comment on my blog! --Robin

10/6/06, 9:45 AM  

yes, it's taken me some time to conclude that i am not either/or but both in most things.
great job with the poem!

love your pic :-)

10/6/06, 9:51 AM  

Fantastic poem! And wonderful pic.

10/6/06, 11:48 AM  

Love the spine as a gate, a fence. Love how the poem is split into two parts, just like the body.

10/6/06, 3:17 PM  

The clean, simple imagery of your poem is lovely. I too am in awe of the human body and how in its formation more doesn't go wrong. Your photo paints a beautiful woman, and your words paint a beautiful soul.

10/8/06, 5:18 AM  

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