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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Todays Lesson

I didn't mention last Thursdays lockdown at the elementary school I work at. Bailey (another Colorado school)is in the Mountains. Not close. But for school officials, close enough...I didn't mention that my daughters were scared to go to school. I didn't mention I was working about 15 minutes away from Columbine in a 2nd grade classroom on that day,years ago. I had gone home for lunch..and saw it on the news. I drove back and told the school. 10 minutes later, panicked parents started arriving to pick up their kids.

And now more dead girls at an Amish school.That Columbine day keeps repeating.Stuck on something. Tripping on what? What have we failed to explain or address? What example have we glorified? I have to go to work now. I wonder what I'll teach today.
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The horror just keeps repeating. I look back at my school years, and while school was not easy as the kid who got bullied terribly, it was safe from gunmen and murder. It seems that Columbine opened a door we can't figure out how to shut and lock. My heart breaks for the children and their parents.

10/3/06, 1:33 PM  

Interesting questions. I don't portend to know the answer.

10/3/06, 5:37 PM  

My Filipina daughter-in-law used to teach 2nd grade in a little mountain village called Mycelai. (Have I told you this story before?) One day some soldiers came into the school and marched all the teachers, at gunpoint, five miles or so up the mountainside to a military camp, where they were interrogated by 14-yr-old boys wearing machine guns about what they were teaching....

My point is...I dunno. I guess things are scarey everywhere. You have to watch your back.

10/3/06, 6:32 PM  

I agree, things are scary everywhere. People walk into post offices with guns, former places of employment, airports...

my only point is it isn't just schools. It's just that there's a misperception that schools are somehow safer than other places, when they aren't.

10/3/06, 7:14 PM  

How horrible for you. I have no idea what's going on with all these school shootings. Sorry if this trivializes it, but they say things happen in threes...perhaps now it will stop.

10/3/06, 7:51 PM  

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