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Monday, September 25, 2006

All's well, that ends......

The statements most commonly described as "platitudes" are short proverbs and aphorisms which are intended to motivate or encourage another person, but which are in reality overly-simplistic or cliché; for example, "You will succeed if you try hard enough", a statement which ignores the simple fact that it is entirely possible to fail in spite of one's best efforts.

This is from a google search...and it describes my weekend and my loathing of the cliche'.

I did..as always, take the opportunity for a teachable moment. My friend, whose lovely horse I rode(badly) all weekend brought her 9 year old very sophisticated daughter to the show to watch my classes.

After things did not go "exactly" our way..I walked to the show office with Dee..and told her a secret. I told her the truth... I told her that being a good sport, riding for the ride, not the ribbons...and not getting wrapped up in out comes...does not always come naturally. As much as your head wants to be cool, and calm..focused on the bigger picture..Sometimes your heart still cracks with disappointment. It's Christmas morning, and no, Virginia...there is no Santa Claus for you.

I didn't say it quite that way. I just told her that sometimes being a good sport...takes practice. It's OK to know its hard to keep your chin up.

I then took her hand...and marched into pick up my scores,to face the music...and my disappointment with a smile on my face. I told the truth. The truth is hard.

Dee will be in the show ring by next summer...and hopefully..she will have remember our talk..when she gets handed a ribbon..of any color other than Blue. Hopefully she will remember it takes a little practice, to lose with grace.

As for the winning...well, that will take care of itself. It always does.
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I lose so often, I think I've got it down pat...winning with grace is the hard one for me!!

9/27/06, 4:42 AM  

Very nice post.

9/28/06, 8:43 PM  

This is great--it's so true that it's often neglected to mention how hard some of these "good" things are to do.

10/2/06, 7:57 AM  

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