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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Instructions for Sunday Scribblings

I give lots of instructions. I am a mom, a teacher, and as a wife/partner, very vocal in bed. So when people ask for direction, I give it.

I have been at one of my excruciating dressage shows this weekend..I'll be back in an hour or so...for the last day of torture. To train for these tests, I receive hour upon hour of instruction. Yet in the ring, for my five minutes...I'm not always sure that it is apparent. Sometimes listening to direction..is not enough. The difference between instruction and performance..is counted out in milliseconds. How quick your brain tells your spine to tell your muscles to tell the horse to tell his muscles. In my sport(well this part of it...the BALLET part...) its all about precision, and instantaneous reaction, with no tension. Did I happen to mention, that we went from mid 70's here in Colorado..to 32 this morning and two straight days of rain. (HUMPH!)

So Here's a quick note to the right side of my body..some instructions if you will:

Dear Spazzy Side,

Please take a breath. Right hand..Please release your death grip on the rein..and your poor horses mouth. Right thigh..you are no longer in the womb..so stop your search for the fetal position. Right calf...well, just do what you can... And Head.. although it may look cute in pictures to tilt coyly to the side..could you PLEASE sit straight...on the neck. And DAMN It..eyes is I have to tell you One
more time...look up..be proud...Show that face. Burying your chin in your neck will not hide the flaws already mentioned. Stare down that Judge. Let Her see you mean BUSINESS. She is just like a dog..she senses fear.

Now brain this is for you...Relax. Start for even one second to believe that you are ready. Believe for one second that this will happen. Believe that this is YOUR time. Remember the work. Enjoy the moment.

Your Strong Left side.

One more word on instructions....most of them say...REPEAT often.. LIVE STRONG...REPEAT....BELIEVE.good..now REPEAT...again, and again and again....

For more instructions go to Sunday Scribblings....
posted by wendy at 9:00 AM


You look very cool, both your left and right sides, and your horse! I wish you all good things today -- although by now all the excitement is probably over. I hope the moment was remarkably enjoyable! And savored.

And, your hat is very cute, too....

9/24/06, 12:32 PM  

I am fascinated by the fact that you do dressage (is that what it's called "doing dressage"?)! And I think these instructions could apply to so many other aspects of life--I often feel that I have a "dominant side" cheering on the "not-so-dominant side" in the same way.

9/24/06, 7:27 PM  

An interesting post - now I'm off to figure out what "dressage" is...

9/25/06, 4:04 PM  

It's what goes inside the Thanksgiving turkey...isn't it?.... I could be wrong about that.

9/28/06, 8:41 PM  

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