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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let Me Explain....

As with any of my convoluted stream of consciousness rationalizations..I mean explanations..this one has several streams to row...down..

Subject: Why the big bubble head picture of my face?..(see left, Ya CAN NOT miss it)

Answers: (in Random order)

1. Came across this silly site...my heritage dot com. Where they analyze pictures of you...and pictures of celebs...and tell you FINALLY..who you look like. You can put in different photos..and see who keeps popping up. So... this is one of the photos I used. Here's who I look like...Katie Couric, 78% match, Kate Botsworth 70% match...and that chick from Melrose place...The blond who always like Billy..and is in According to Jim..Courtney something...72% match..at the bottom...RalpH Lauren...58%. REALLY! RALPH? Huh..Didn't see that one coming..As for the stats...Some I've been told before....

The really interesting part, is that I did a pic of the daughters and myself..and we all share common celebs..Genetics at work..cool.

My husband looks like Dennis Quaid. That's fine by me.

2. This thought has been present for a bit. My daughters going through this age old dilemma right now. Here it is....Smart Girls always feel they can't be smart and attractive at the same time. Sometimes I feel this need to show I can be both. She can be both. My youngest daughter, is athletic and cute. She is smart also..but if you asked her to list her selling points..I don't think she would find it important to list. But Rach would. Very cerebral...and quiet, like me. She is confident in her brain power, but not her beauty..It kills me.

There are a lot of girls that post their pics on their blogs. Good advertising..vanity, and then the small percentage that are coming to grips with it all. I'm somewhere in the middle.

And then there is that CP thing.. I wrote Neil, at Citizen of the Month...about the stereotyped "disabled" person.. and the fact that some folks I come across..have a hard time with me. I wrote that I was an attractive disabled woman. The words stuck in my fingers..I almost couldn't write them. But they are here in my mind. Some People have said I'm too cute to be...."or you're so pretty..I didn't notice that..." I AM NOT SAYING I AM A SUPERMODEL. Please please please don't think that..I'm just saying that in our minds eye, disabled and pretty don't go together...and maybe even smart and pretty too. That's why so many women feel the need to post pics..to prove they are both. Dooce..are you listening??? I'm admitting I'm no different..

3. It's very near my birthday...I always freak out..time passing..botox needles..ect..near my birthday. Whole internal clock thing..Karl at Secondhandtryptophan took on Birthday dares. He's a whole lot braver than I'll ever be..Just for clarity..no Botox needles..yet...But I'm thinking...I'm thinkin....and feeling the need to stare at myself for a while...
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It's that same question that bothers us all. What do I look like and is it okay? Birthdays make me lean a little closer to the mirror too, although I've ruled out botox...for the forseeable future. I just hate that young women have such a struggle with pretty and smart. Why are we so surprised when both come in the same package. I know so many beautiful, smart, kind women. And on a last note, Dennis Quaid, huh? Lucky girl.

10/4/06, 8:34 AM  

Well, since I'm so far behind on my blogs let me wish you a happy birthday now, lest I forget. And don't touch a thing! You're gorgeous.

10/4/06, 9:47 AM  

I'm not saying this to be politically-correct or anything, but I'm not sure why anyone would associate being disabled with not being pretty. You see attractive people with all sorts of ailments, and vice versa.

10/4/06, 12:40 PM  


My husband looks as close to Dennis Quaid as I look to Katie Couric...Close enough for me..a girl can dream..

You're just being nice cause you want my vote..

and Neil,
Anyone who has read your blog knows that you are not a PC dude.
and I don't get the vice versa part..unattractive people with able bodies..Yeah, I guess there are tons of those...

10/4/06, 5:22 PM  

You are one beautiful person through and through - and don't you forget it
!! Loved catching up on your news!

10/4/06, 11:29 PM  

Happy Birthday, whenever it comes, celebrate! We are very BIG on celebrations this month--out of five kids, I managed to have four of them in October, each a week away from another one. And my mother, and my brother....

10/5/06, 10:31 PM  

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